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May 22 2020
Today The Economist published “Covid-19 is hitting Democratic states harder than Republican ones”.
The article highlighted 3 graphs “illustrating” the point
But it is all BS
The higher mobility in Republican States is the consequence of later/lenient lock down rules
The smaller fall in consumer spending is the consequence of later/lenient lock down rules
The lower number of unemployment claims is the consequence of the lower infection rate
The Democratic states do have a higher population density than the Republican.
This is pure-crap-journalism: not facts but pseudo correlations and false equivalents, fueling the pyre of polarization.
The Economist pleaded the Electoral College to vote for Trump in 2016, and now opens the campaign to get him re-elected.
Never underestimate the cynicism of the press and of The Economist: Their business is selling lies, sex and scandals, and Trump delivers.

A3an 4 May 24
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This is why Blue States had to impose stricter social distancing than Red States: the population density in the Blue States is far higher AND the rate of Covid infection is higher in densely populated areas. When I looked in detail in the low-density states, they all took issued the same regulations, irrespective of their color.

A3an Level 4 May 30, 2020

There is no getting around the fact that blue states were stupid to put identity politics ahead of common sense in the early stages of the pandemic. And no it's not Trump's fault, if they can have sanctuary cities and states they could certainly have intelligent health responses. The answer to most things that may casually appear to support some sort of conspiracy is universal incompetence. The conspiracies come along to cover up said incompetence.

wolfhnd Level 8 May 25, 2020

That Virus....Is soooooooooo Misogynistic patriarchy white supremacist Racist 😉chuckle

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