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Sadly none of this will matter

MikeHunt 7 Oct 21
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It will matter, but possibly not in ways that anyone can predict. In a macro reflection of quantum reality, the mere act of observing a system changes it. The presence of the observer becomes a part of the whole; the reality keeps racing ahead of our efforts to understand its current state, as each attempt to measure it alters it.

Trump’s administration, however else one chooses to assess it, has been a long process of observing a system and the consequent disruptions that have resulted. And now none of us are the same. That’s how it is with a system in flux. None of the assumptions we rely on to explain that system to ourselves can be trusted. By definition, they will always be obsolete.

So what can be done? For one, be highly suspicious of definitive statements.

“If Trump loses, they’ll abolish The Constitution.”
“If Trump wins, we’ll see armed rebellion.”
“Nancy is going to make herself president.”
“The Republican Party doesn’t know how to fight.”
“The Democratic Party...” Oh, who the fuck knows?
“The entire system will collapse. It’ll be worse than Y2K—oh wait. Scratch that last part.”

Trust the right people. If you go white-water rafting, you know there’s nothing you can do to predict the rapids. What you do is hire a good guide.

Oh, and stock up on ammo.

Nicely stated

A thoughtful, and thought-provoking, assessment.