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The globalists are enraged about the defeat in Afghanistan.

ramzpaul 8 Aug 17
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So when you decide you don't want to be an occupying force anymore you're defeated? I wonder if Ramzpaul went to one of those woke universities that he can no longer see through the propaganda and instead parrots them?


So when did the Taliban ever defeat the US or other western military...? They didn't haven't and never will.
The US could bomb their poppy fields out of existence and the Taliban government if they so wished.


This is a very applicable meme to what is happening. Rome had no clear purpose in the German (greatest warriors the world has ever seen) lands other than to suppress and conquer. The Germanic people were an advanced society and were NOT the politically fractured semi-civilized GAULS encountered by the Romans in ancient France. These were GERMANIC people. The people that took down an entire Roman Legion through higher IQ, military genius and a society that was able to form and organize an army across their realm to defeat a Roman Legion.

I thank GOD for the gift of the German people who raise the standards of mankind. The greatest warriors this world will ever see.

Missed the last two world wars ???


Much respect for Germans I have, but let’s slow down with the greatest warrior bullshit.

Germany was humiliated by Sweden for a hundred years… tiny little Sweden.
Germany is a great nation and much to admire, however they are no better than the British or Dutch or Swedes etc.


I never missed anything. Remember how Germany defeated Russia in WW1 while maintaining a front line in Europe? Blaming the entire history of the German people on Hitler is naïve as well. How many countries did it take to bring Germany down?

Prior to WW1, Germany was considered far advanced in technology and engineering, including chemistry (pharma) compared to colonializing Britain. Britain feared Germany for their advanced society which was overtaking England in technology and sciences.

You and most others were raised on anti-German propaganda which fogs the real history. Hitler would never have come to power if Germany had been treated fairly in the trade and commerce deals and if Britain had not tried to block German industries from gaining fair access to European and North American markets. The Treaty of Versailles is responsible for Hitler's rise to acceptance


I can't forget operation PAPERCLIP...can you? If Germans were so "average" as you imply, WHY did the Soviets and Americans FIGHT to smuggle German engineers and scientists into their countries after WW2???

Why did German scientists get credit for the rocket systems developed for the early American space program??? Why were so many made MILLIONAIRES and given their own neighborhood outside Huntsville, Alabama??? Why did MOST of the nuclear scientists in the Manhattan Project come from....GERMANY????

I can counter all the propaganda with facts. Germans are a gift from GOD!!!

Also lets never forget the Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels! A Warrior class they may not be but great to have on your side.A' head' above the rest in my books.


I wonder if the Aussie soldiers ever worried about their FWA comrades wanting to cannibalize them and shrink their heads on a stick?? Hmmm...


Let them deploy a brigade of HR cat ladies to fix the situation.

sqeptiq Level 9 Aug 17, 2021

What? Do you know what this meme is about? What does your comment have to do with this? The meme is a reference to arrogant, pending disaster, walking into a death trap. Where do Human Resources "cat ladies" fit in?

@Sensrhim4hizvewz I suspect you just emerged out of your bunker. Otherwise I don't understand how you can't or refuse to see the irony of siccing woke, CRT-indoctrinated , poisonous HR types upon a hoard of seriously vicious warriors. C'mon Man. That is the modern regime's answer to every difficulty -- social engineering.
As to the cats. That's just a sign of serious mental disease. Too many cats is a cry for help.


I understand I can seem like a dickhead sometimes. I don't deny it but I expect too much maybe. I expect more than pickle jar one-liners seeking a boost algorithm. My bad. I will go back in my bunker

@Sensrhim4hizvewz No, no, no. Don't go back into hiding. After all, hiding won't help. THEY will find you!
You just missed the joke.
I quit counting decades ago the number of times I missed "the joke". Partially in self-defense, it was frequently on me.
Anyhoo, stay with us.
I do miss the "pickle jar" reference, tho. Is that a regional thingie? Are weird references like that common up in the tippy top of America's hat?

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