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Has anyone else's red-pilling been fairly recent? I didn't vote in the 2016 election, but I believed most of the propaganda about Trump being a temperamental idiot who was going to destroy the environment, the economy, and probably start a nuclear war. I considered myself more or less a liberal, and was very concerned his presidency would do serious damage. But then I watched as the mask came off more and more from the left. Open borders, child drag queens, visceral anti-white hatred, the anti-men metoo BS, stifling of free-speech, etc. Meanwhile Trump turns out to be a weak moderate and abandons many of the core issues he campaigned on. It quickly became clear which side is the real threat to civilization. It simply astounds me at this point how any sane and reasonably intelligent person can still be blue-pilled.

AbsoluteMAD 5 June 30
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I read the US constitution in the 80s, in my late teens/early 20s, and I've been doing maintenance doses of red-pills ever since; they hold the black-pill at bay.

govols Level 8 June 30, 2020

They tried this with Goldwater and it worked. Fool me once...


I never used to think of politics at all. Then I started noticing the word “racist” and “racism” being liberally applied everywhere and I noticed that people seemed really obsessed with trump. At that time, I just wanted trump to win because I never want a female president. I don’t think females remain sane when we are given too much power and Hillary already seemed like a cruel and cold bitch. Then I really looked into things and started noticing a hive mind sort of behavior. Talking to one Democrat was like talking to any other. They all say the same things almost word for word. I didn’t feel that I was getting anything genuine from them and it even seemed like even they don’t know what they really think or feel. It’s like someone went into their mind and shut some doors so that there are questions they won’t even ask themselves and discussions that never get deeper than the basic talking points. They couldn’t tell me why trump is racist or why they hated him or what they hated about him and they would seem frustrated and just go back to repeating their npc lines. It was eerie to notice it all... still is eerie but I’m not shocked anymore.


Mine as well. Once upon a time, I was a leftist. The conditioning was very effective. However, as someone who seeks truth, I soon found I was being lied to about many things. I drifted rightwards. Eventually, I found out the Charlie Kirks, Ben Sharpiros, and other "conservative" talking heads are just leftists with an economic, pro-life twist, no farther right than was Obama in 2012. Even Trump himself falls into this category if you judge based on his actions rather than his words. Somehow, the left vilifies him despite him very much being their guy.

Thinking other leftists (including fake conservatives) were well-meaning people who cared about truth like I was, I reached out to them, but again and again they ignore every point you make and any question you ask. If they were as open-minded as they always claim to be, they would be willing to listen, read, and learn. People who think they already know everything refuse to.

Rightward, my journey continues. Never again will I entertain the lies and intellectual dishonesty of the left.

gadsden Level 4 June 30, 2020

I almost thought his brand of lazy authoritarianism might cause less harm than another neoliberal Democrat but then he shot up a park for a photo op.

If only. He would have earned my vote if that actually happened, preferably with lethal force. 😉

Seek professional help!

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