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Bernie Sander’s demands to stack the Biden cabinet with socialists may be falling on deaf ears. The President-elect is hinting Elizabeth Warren will not — as widely rumoured — be selected as Treasury Secretary, and that his new cabinet will ditch progressives in favour of moderates.

This could spell trouble for the new administration in an increasingly socialist, and divided, Democratic Party.


GeeMac 8 Nov 20
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If you are a moderate democrat, the best way to fight the civil war against radical democrats is to ally with Trump. Blanket Trump hate is a smokescreen to cover leftist bull. Suckers!

Newt Gingrich: Trump is the greatest anti-leftist in history.

Think like England and play off the continental powers against each other. Encourage a democrat civil war.
Light the fuse on the powderkeg.

Trump is Neo and moderate democrats are The Matrix.
Trump: The radical democrats have grown beyond your control. You cannot stop them. I can.


how many times does it have to be repeated - Biden is NOT president elect.

iThink Level 9 Nov 20, 2020

Hmmmm, it's almost as if Biden is a moderate and all the fear mongering about "marxism" was wrong?

He comes and he goes.

Of course Biden is a moderate. That’s the only reason he was inserted by the party brass - led by Nancy Pelosi and the other power brokers — as a figurehead candidate to stop socialists Bernie, Warren and the other Democratic radicals who favour defunding police, open borders, more racialization, pandering to rioters and looters, killing the petroleum industry, green reconstruction, and tearing down institutions.

If anyone isn't afraid of the leftist agenda in the Democratic Party they should be.

The Biden presidency will be an ideological Frankenstein. A footnote. A placeholder.

The real story is which faction comes to dominate in the lead up to the midterms and ultimately, in 2024. And also, whether Republicans can be gracious losers and move forward, or whether they remain stuck in rerunning 2020, in effect, handing 2024 to the Dems.


Well, it may not be good for the party, but wouldn't more moderate Dems be better for America? Sounds like Biden might be making an intelligent choice.

That’s pretty much the point of the post @RavenMStark
How do you think the hard left Dems & the Squad will react?

@GeeMac Leave it to me to miss THE POINT! Haha!

Oh, I imagine they'll cry about it, just like they cry about everything else! I'll have to ask a few people and then I'll get back to you...

@RavenMStark I think the reaction will be amazing to watch. Although Nancy Pelosi is generally hated by the right, she is a moderate and has been handling the difficult job of holding all the opposing forces together. Without that strong centrist position, the Dem nominee would have been far more radical that Joe Biden. What has unified the Dems has been their hatred of the Trump White House. What now?


We all know Harris will take over at some point and that can all change in a heartbeat.

FEWI Level 8 Nov 20, 2020

At least Biden’s camp wants to play it safe for now. The midterms could change everything.

@GeeMac If this steal is allowed as legitimate, do you really think they won’t steal the the midterms?

@FEWI realistically, the Republicans made gains in the House and held their own in the Senate, so if this was a steal it wasn’t a very effective one. The real goals for the Republicans — the path back to power — is how they continue to broaden their base, help voters understand what conservatism is, avoid stridency, and find young, attractive leaders who don’t alienate and polarize voters.

This election is done. I know this position is unpopular, but I really feel they quicker conservatives learn how to take a loss graciously, accept reality, and start focusing on the future, the better.

@GeeMac They want you to think...

Biden, a 47 year politician that lost 2 previous POTUS runs in embarrassing fashion and spent his campaign in a basement got more votes than Obama & Trump, two cultural icons that led movements and filled arenas w/ supporters.

They think you’re stupid.
It's far too easy to manipulate a computer system.Their aim was on the president and in actuality we didn't do that well in the senate. It's all just a game to them with our lives at stake. If they allow this farce to stand, I won't bother voting again, and I'm sure I won't be the only one.

@FEWI on an emotional level, I agree. On a more pragmatic level, the best course of action may be presenting a mature, gracious attitude, rolling out a cordial transition and showing leadership in directing the anger and disappointment into positive energy for the midterms.

Meantime, recount, challenge and investigate by any means necessary.

The last thing Republicans need is to create a bitter chapter that will haunt them for generations, and benefit the calculating socialists who are in the verge of destroying the country.

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