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"It is very important for all sports to use the platform they have to push for change," the seven-time champion said."

Lewis Hamilton 7 times F1 champion.

Fuck that, I don't want politics in everything, I just want to be left alone to watch a game or comedy. Glad I stopped paying for the BBC license ten years ago, Its as Nietzsche forsaw. Without a unified morality then everything turns into a moral/political platform, suffocating and fake for posers and grifters alike.

Its time to start holding CONSERVATIVE politicians feet to the fire until they wake up and get a grip, or a way to weed out career politicians.

CookieMonster 7 Nov 26
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I haven't watched the NFL or NBA for years now because it's so obnoxiously political. I don't need to be lectured on ethics by semi-literate thugs in between their domestic violence arrests. Luckily the NHL has remained relatively distant from infection for now. Even baseball trended towards pandering but seemed to pull back a bit. So for now I just follow hockey, rugby (my local team can get a little overly pro-lgbtqwaaimaps2+, but not much and they also do a lot of patriotic things), baseball, and of course the best sport in the world: Curling!


Politics is the great poison of modern life. It turns anything that touches it to sewage.


sport and politics should never mix... sportspeople who do this or their organisations should be shunned.
sport should be above politics.


Hamilton has become so big-headed. It's high time he was defeated big time. 😜
There is so much more to life than politics.

Naomi Level 8 Nov 26, 2020
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