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interesting: Scenes from a Taiwanese "Stop The Steal" & "Fight For Trump" rally today. President Trump is the leader of a global populist movement fighting against socialism, communism, & a political elite which no longer represents "we the people". China stands at Taiwan's doorstep.


Krunoslav 8 Dec 20
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No doubt the Taiwanese are feeling edgy at the thought of a Harris administration (we all know Biden will be ousted).
Didn't Trump sell the Taiwanese a whole bunch of military drones not that long ago?
If China want to invade, let's hope someone has the balls to go scorched earth and hit some targets deep within the CCP.

Tom81 Level 7 Dec 20, 2020

Yeah, but as I've replied in post bellow, I don't think China will try classical invasion, neither in Taiwan or Hong Kong, they can wait, and in the meantime they can use many other methods to destabilize, weaken and demoralize both places.

But in case of actual invasion someone made an interesting video: Can China Take Taiwan? Analysis

@Krunoslav good clip, one thing that's not covered (and I wonder about this), is the quality of soldiers on both sides. No doubt the Taiwanese would fight a lot harder if defending their homeland. Also, China hasn't had much success on the Indian border (I don't know if that means Chinese soldiers are not that great, or if Indian soldiers are particularly good).

@Tom81 Well to your question about soldiers, I think that is context specific. What was their mission, what were the conditions in terms of gear, location, terrain, support, intelligence, who was attacking and who was defending etc. So its not really something we can just compare as one vs the other. It depends on the context a lot.

If you are talking about training programs and equipment, I'm not sure about the specifics, but I would imagine that all countries have pretty functional training programs. Special forces off course are slightly different and more specialized training.

@CodeBuster I figure the Chinese method is to swarm with numbers with complete disregard to losses (like soviet Russia in WW2). As for their military toys, we're all familiar with Chinese quality...


TRUMP is about the only hope Taiwan has, Biden would help China move in!!!!!!!

Serg97 Level 8 Dec 20, 2020

Perhaps. I don't think China will do any kind of military invasion simply because it would destabilize China and ruin the reputation they are trying to portray to international community, especially in Europe. So they will probably do more psyops and infiltration, demoralization, draw talent to to mainland with better job opportunity etc, Infiltrate spies, try propaganda etc. Similar to what left did in UK and USA and Canada. And they will wait for their time, few generations if they have to. But off course Biden can limit support to Taiwan and something he personally does not have, military intelligence info with China etc. So naturally Trump is a man Taiwan wants. Not commie Biden.

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