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Edgework 8 Mar 5
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Orange-man-bad kept taking me for a walk; with Obiden I get to just lie here and he even keeps me warm with the sole of his boot.


I find this a very relevant depiction of the ignorance of people who ally themselves in order to destroy someone else or some contrived threat. Hold on a sec! Are you saying the allies during the second world war shouldn't have banded together to destroy Hitler? Not at all. Hitler was not a contrived threat. He was a real threat and he was already on a path of destruction by marching into Poland.
It was prudent and necessary to band together to stop the destruction and tyranny of national socialism being imposed on other nations.

So why is this ignorance? Because if you have ever befriended someone who attacked or destroyed another person for just being themselves and were no threat at all to that person or yourself then after awhile you realize that you might be the next target. You are vulnerable. If you would act to destroy another person or their character on someone else's say so then you are not trustworthy and if you start to think you are strong and important you become a threat and you too will be crushed.

Are the social media corporate billionaires trustworthy? No. First off, they are billionaires because they have called their products their customers. They steal their customer's information to sell to marketers and advertisers. Now they surveille their products (customers) 24/7 without their knowledge. Secondly, they are now into social engineering and behavior modification. They have a rather hubristic view of the planet and believe it should all work according to their worldview. They have all the money and information they need to exercise some power. All of them are open to destroying the extant western social structure to establish their vision of a new society - whatever that may be. But it doesn't seem to include the majority of the people on the planet. If they will destroy western civilization they are dangerous and if they are dangerous they can be a threat to their friends. It is easy in this cancel culture to turn on someone. So no one at the top trusts one another. But the most powerful of all the anti-western society partners is the CCP and, if the current course of collectivization continues, they will eventually send most of the alliances to the gulag. But - as long as it isn't Trump.

The fact we, the people, are in danger doesn't frighten them but they must not let their crimes obscure or distort the danger they themselves are in. This must be highlighted and brought to bear upon them.

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