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I don't know what to believe anymore. In my previous posts we can clearly see the postmodern WF redefinition of things. But I don't know what to believe anymore

KrunosIav 7 Aug 13
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I can only tell you what I believe: If it says "OCCUPY DEMOCRATS" in the bottom-left... it's bullshit.

He probably did sign such a Law, but it wasn't to "punish" Hillary... she was never even prosecuted.

#1. The President is the declassification authority. If he decides it's not classified... it's not.
#2. Regardless... I don't believe there's any evidence that Trump did any such thing, is there?
On the other hand, there is a plethora of conclusive evidence that Hillary did far worse than simply "mishandle" documents. She made them available to ALL of America's enemies (...and Allies.)
Whether out of dramatic-Stupidity, laziness, and disregard for the Law... or as an all-out Traitor; the result is the same.
#3. It doesn't matter what the penalty is when it's not enforced.

Rest assured: the Jan 6th "Commission" (lynch-mob), on behalf of the so-called "Deep State" that they represent, will recommend that Trump be prosecuted for some reason... any reason that they can come up with; no matter how weak or lame their argument.
Their entire raison d'etre has nothing in the world to do with "getting to the Truth" about anything. They exist to prevent Trump from running for POTUS in 2024, because he represents the only imminent and credible threat to the global Long March... and they know it.

And always remember: they believe they are righteous... "justified"... and "on the right side of History"; at least they have conditioned their Cult members to believe that (Progressives, et al.)
And, that therefore the "Ends Justify the Means".
Any Means.

As a result... there is, I believe, literally nothing that they won't do to satisfy their mad lust for Absolute Power. Lying has become a trivial example... it's just their standard Modus Operandi. The common theme of everything they do & say, it's that it's either an outright Lie, or it is in support of an outright Lie.
So the fact that you have some difficulty knowing "what to believe" out of that milieu, is a good thing; it just indicates that you're not blindly falling for it like their lock-step army of thoughtless sycophants, ignorantly trying to usher in their own destruction (and ours.)

rway Level 7 Aug 13, 2022

@KrunosIav I'm very familiar with the process.
Saying it's no longer classified is enough for the POTUS ("DECLASSIFIED" is not a classification.)
The rest is just propagating that determination throughout the hierarchy of different organizational Classification Guides, and marking any affected documents accordingly. None of which could be done... if the information itself were not already UN- or RE-Classified, simply by the determination made by the POTUS, or by the Original Classification Authority acting as a POTUS delegate.

You're right, that process itself is important, but if they're trying to catch him on a technicality... the technicalities are in his favor.
If there's any question, see #2 (above.)

@KrunosIav No, I don't mean it's enough according to the POTUS.
It's enough when you are the POTUS.

If he had classified material outside of a GSA approved storage container/facility (which probably includes the Safe-room at Mar-a-Lago[1]), or in his personal possession without proper courier documentation (for which the POTUS probably has blanket-authorization, idk)... material that he had not explicitly declassified previously; then he would be subject to the legal consequences of mishandling such information like anybody else.
And, "anybody else" includes Hillary.

And speaking of technicalities... by failing to prosecute Hillary, the "Justice" Department technically abdicated any legitimate authority to subsequently prosecute anybody for... well, technically for anything, without clearly violating their Constitutionally-recognized right to equal treatment under the Law.

But like you said, the Government operates in service to the Government; not to the People, to the Rule of Law, nor to the Constitution they are sworn to uphold.
Their only limiting constraint is equal accountability... and we don't do that; so they are left effectively unconstrained.
Selective "accountability" is third-world Politics, not Rule of Law.

[1] Otherwise, the National Archives(?) people who were there a couple months ago, boxed up the records... and then left them there; would be just as accountable for "mishandling" those documents, had they actually been Classified to any extent.

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