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DISCLAIMER1: If you are wondering why my referencing has changed, it’s because I’m in the process of switching machines and this is just how this other machine works – not to my liking, I might add. Although feminist socialism has tainted all reference works to some extent, my preference would certainly not be Bing. That’s just the way it is?

DISCLAIMER2: As long as society insists upon using a linear scale to illustrate political positions there’ll always be discrepancies in the definition(s) of them? Fascism being one of such socialist distortions. Fascism is only restricted to right-wing politics in so much as a linear scale is being used. Go to a circular one and fascist totalitarianism quickly comes into focus as not confined to either the right or left of politics?

The Biden regime is getting a free ride on the back of right-wing Hitler even after all these years?

Does the term “influence peddling’ doesn’t make the cloaked fascism of the leftist Biden regime any more palatable – does it? Or am I seeing “…...the practice of obtaining benefit through coercion”
as not being fascist extortion?

I recognize that influence mongering is a large part political life, but at what point does it get recognized for the evil that it is? The Constitution of this United States contains restriction after restriction on government to protect the populous. But power disparity influence mongering to control the populous is just as fascist as any other way of authoritarianism – is it not?

The reason people flock to America is precisely the idiom that in America ‘free market capitalism’ is sacrosanct above all else? These people don’t flock to this country because it’s just another socialist state – do they? Any mandates, such as mandating who corporate directors, can or cannot be, is fascist influence – or what else would you call it? I’ve listened to all this socialist do-gooder crap for quite a while now, and the one thing that’s invariably missing from the argument is democracy? Yes, democracy in that I’ve yet to hear the just particulars about just how a person finds themselves on a BOD (Board Of Directors) of any corporation? Well I’m going to tell you. Mind you, with a very few notable competence exceptions, the majority of board member are elected by the stockholders directly proportionate to their personal investment in that corporation? When socialists in government mandate that a BOD (Board Of Directors) must consist of anything the government has overstepped its pare meters into fascist control of that corporation to the unjust exclusion of the stockholders? Understand what’s being said: Public ownership and control of a means of production is a socialist way of thinking – certainly not a capitalist and/or free market way of thinking? Has the socialist revolution taken place in America and I missed it?

Now we come to the importance of this video news report.

Posted by: Fox Business ~ Sep 8, 2022 ~ (today)
“Energy policies have been 'dangerous policies from the get-go': Former OMB director”

WARNING: Try to understand, that the only difference between Hitler and Stalin was that Hitler was a national socialist while Stalin was an international socialist – that’s it!

Why is it that feminists will cry foul play (METOO) (rape even) if an interlude is struck up between men and women in the presence of a disparity of power and/or authority, but not a whimper is heard about government influence extortion?

WARNING: Democrat fascist socialism power disparity influence extortion of corporate America is the #METOO of politics!


extortion (noun) · extortions (plural noun)
the practice of obtaining something, especially money, through force or threats:

"he used bribery and extortion to build himself a huge, art-stuffed mansion" · "extortion rackets"

synonyms: demanding money with menaces · exaction · extraction · blackmail · shakedown

Middle English: from late Latin extortio(n-), from Latin extorquere ‘wrest’ (see extort).

Microsoft Bing



Extortion is the practice of obtaining benefit through coercion. In most jurisdictions it is likely to constitute a criminal offense; the bulk of this article deals with such cases. Robbery is the sim…



fascism (noun)

an authoritarian and nationalistic right-wing system of government and social organization.

Synonyms: authoritarianism · totalitarianism · dictatorship · despotism · autocracy · absolute rule · Nazism · rightism · militarism · nationalism · xenophobia · racism · anti-Semitism · neo-fascism · neo-Nazism · corporativism · corporatism · Hitlerism · Francoism · Falangism

antonyms: democracy · liberalism

extremely authoritarian, intolerant, or oppressive ideas or behavior:
"an outright ban is just fascism"

very intolerant or domineering views or practices in a particular area:
"this is yet another example of health fascism in action"

1920s: from Italian fascismo, from fascio ‘bundle, political group’, from Latin fascis (see fasces).


1914wizard 8 Sep 8
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Biden probably fears Hitler is under his bed.

Joe Stalin did, why not Joe Biden?

@1914wizard There's a new Uncle Joe on the scene... the last thing the US needed!

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