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DISCLAIMER (of sorts): For many years males and females have actually been considered as same rather than not same but equal. And for the same amount of time feminists have wanted the female age of legal consent lowered to 13 years of age. Lord knows I have no desire to help feminism in any way, but this one thing is more than reasonable for several reasons. I’m not going to help these socialists that carry a banner of feminism by helping with all the reasons. Instead I’ll stick to the possibility that such a reduction in legal age for females might help some wrongly accused young men that stand to have their lives ruined by this arbitrary 18 years of age for female consent for no other reason than hypothetical sameness with young men when it is obvious they’re not the same – equal yes, sameness no. The other ways that it would help feminism’s socialist causes I refuse to allude to. I will say that it would benefit feminism immensely or they would never have suggested it in the first place. Having found a place to stick this viewpoint in a post I’ll now continue with the real purpose(s) behind this post.

Posted by: shubham pandey ~ 12 years ago ~ 6.5M views
“Theme from a summer place (Percy Faith version)”

The Marxist zero-sum-game of feminist theory being pressed upon society at present amounts to an improper CHALLENGE to men and manhood in general. Deprived of CHALLENGE there’s nothing inspirational to young men of all ages. Professors Paglia and Peterson both see the problem with men and women working together. But I would posit that the problem goes much deeper than simply working together. It goes all the way to cohabitation together. Socialist feminism’s attacks on hetero (contrast) deprives men of CHALLENGE of the hunt by replacing their competing hunters with women due to feminist hetero-phobia.

Whether she new it or not, did Professor Sommers accurately sum up feminism as hetero-phobia – or shouldn’t it actually be socialist hetero-phobia?

Posted by: Lavanya Ganesh ~ 9 years ago ~ 49K views
“Christina Hoff Sommers at Wellesley College”

Please do correct for me any errors that you discern – thanks in advance?

#LETSGOBRANDON ~ A Male-Feminist.
#MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) an individualist philosophy of life.



hetero (adjective)

  1. heterosexual:
    "hetero and gay couples"

hetero (noun) · heteros (plural noun)

  1. a heterosexual person.




other; different: Often contrasted with homo-.

"heteropolar" · "heterosexual"

from Greek heteros ‘other’.

Data from Oxford Languages


phobia 1 of 2 noun

: an exaggerated usually inexplicable and illogical fear of a particular object, class of objects, or situation

-phobia 2 of 2 noun combining form

1 : exaggerated fear of

2 : intolerance or aversion for


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