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Geez… should someone tell them?

Edgework 8 Jan 30
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Seems accurate, since communism and fascism are just two denominations of the same socialist cult.

Tom81 Level 8 Jan 30, 2023

It is amazing that "some people" tell lies so much that they believe their own lies and try to "project" their lies on others!!!


I'd argue the ignorance of many supporters can't be maintained. But willful ignorance seems to be the hallmark of the antifa supporters....


Are Antifa the victims of a mole? 😸

sqeptiq Level 10 Jan 30, 2023

Funny, you see a lot of the bottom flag at Right Wing rallies.

What "Right Wing" rallies are you attending????????????
Nazis are Socialist !!!!!!!!!!! Check your history!!!!!!!!!!!

@Serg97 Trump rallies. Stop the steal rallies. "Unite the Right" rallies - AKA "Jews will not replace us". Plenty of Right Wing rallies have Nazis in tow. Look at Nick Fuentes and Kanye being celebrated by Right Wing politicians and holding private meetings with Trump while being avowed Nazis.

Nazis are socialists, hm? So you believe North Korea is a Democratic Republic?

@JacksonNought No North Korea is COMMUNIST!!!!!! And I am sure that NAZIS show up at most political gatherings!!!!!

@Serg97 so what is your logic that says Nazis are Socialists?

@JacksonNought It is in the name!!!!!!!!

@Serg97 oh, ok, so then you do think that North Korea is a Democratic Republic. I mean their official name is The Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

@JacksonNought a simple google search of 'socialist roots of fascism' is all it takes. Try any other browser. Do basic research into where Mussolini got his ideas (he was a prominent socialist in Italy before co-devising and 'fixing' communism into fascism).
You're either too ignorant and stupid when it comes to history or just a brazen, duplicitous liar - or both. I think you're both.
But hey, prove how fascism doesn't have socialist roots, clown 🤡. I'll grab the popcorn while I wait for your sophistry

@Tom81 all I hear is "waah waah everything I don't like is socialism".

Socialism: a political and economic theory of social organization which advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole.

Fascism: a far-right, authoritarian, ultranationalist political ideology and movement, characterized by a dictatorial leader, centralized autocracy, militarism, forcible suppression of opposition, belief in a natural social hierarchy, subordination of individual interests for the perceived good of the nation and race, and strong regimentation of society and the economy.

See the difference?

Want to know where Fascism, Nazism, and many other evil movements have their roots? Christianity! Do basic research!

I guess you are going to rail against Christianity now, huh? Probably not, you are going to keep saying that it isn't to blame or it isn't "real Christianity" or some sort of sophistry to fight tooth and nail to defend anything that agrees with you and attack anything that doesn't.

You're either too ignorant and stupid when it comes to history or just a brazen, duplicitous liar - or both. I think you're both.


After serving in the Italian army during World War I, Mussolini returned home, looking for a way to unify the Italian people. In 1918, he began to deliver emotional speeches, calling for a dictator to head the country. He argued that only a strong leader could unite the people to overcome Italy’s postwar mass unemployment, chaotic political party conflicts, and strikes by socialists and communists.

In 1919, Mussolini organized his fascist movement in the northern city of Milan. He formed squads of street fighters who wore black shirts. His “Blackshirts” beat up socialists and communists and threw them out of local governments.

The communist revolution in Russia had taken place only two years earlier. Mussolini’s fascist movement quickly gained the support of anti-communist business people, property owners, and middle-class professionals like teachers and doctors.

@JacksonNought I'm surprised you didn't pull the old quote of 'real communism hasn't been tried before' 🤣... Your quote about fascism is near identical to communism in practice.
I never said that communism and fascism are the same, I said they were built on the same foundations and end up operating in much the same manner - brutal, authoritarian, military dictatorship. According to you, that has it's roots in Christianity 🤣 - nope, both sides (communist and fascist), subvert and tolerate churches (of any given faith) only as far as being able to subvert it and use it for their purposes before ultimately replacing them with the state.
Mussolini was originally a socialist politician and a journalist at the Avanti! newspaper. In 1912, he became a member of the National Directorate of the Italian Socialist Party, but he was expelled from the PSI for advocating military intervention in World War I, in opposition to the party's stance on neutrality.
On numerous occasions, Benito Mussolini identified his economic policies with “state capitalism”—the exact phrase that Vladimir Lenin used to usher in his New Economic Policy (NEP). Lenin wrote: “State capitalism would be a step forward as compared with the present state of affairs in our Soviet Republic.”. After Russia’s economy collapsed in 1921, Lenin allowed privatization and private initiative, and he let the people trade, buy and sell for private profit. Lenin was moving towards a mixed economy. He even demanded that state-owned companies operate on profit/loss principles. Lenin acknowledged that he had to back away from total socialism and allow some capitalism.
Mussolini followed Lenin’s example and proceeded to establish a state-driven economic model in Italy. In essence, Mussolini’s fascism was simply an imitation of Lenin’s “third way,” which combined market-based mechanisms and socialism—similar to Red China’s “market socialism.” In short, Lenin’s revised Marxism culminated in “socialist-lite” policies that helped inspire Mussolini to craft his own Italian-style fascism with a right-wing socialist twist. Thus, one could argue that Lenin’s politics were the first modern-day version of fascism and state-corporatism.

But keep up your 'reeeeeee - everything I don't like is a fascist christian dictatorship'. Your posts give us something other than memes to laugh at.

@Tom81 the only one "reeeeee"-ing here is you. When did I complain that everything is fascist? I never threw out fascism, you are the one who came here crying about socialism (along with serg). All I originally said was that you clearly only see the Nazi flag being flown by one specific political ideology / party, and it ain't the boogeyman antifa doing it.

Though you can use whatever sophistry and mental gymnastics you want, the Bible and Christianity has long been a tool for power and control, and most fascist movements such as Mussolini and Hitler were inspired by and backed by the Church.

@JacksonNought let's address the lies and expose the bullshit in your post:

  1. 'Right-wing' according to you is anything that opposes the left. Narcissistic splitting makes everything black and white, your blind to the shades of grey and everything in between one extreme or the other. Your version of 'right-wing' is so nebulous it's lost any meaning.
  2. Nazi flags at 'right-wing' rallies? Bullshit. If there were, your beloved commercial media would be hysterically running that 24/7. Maybe in Europe (especially Ukraine which ironically your side supports), but not in US/UK/AUS. Communist fist and the hammer and sickle imagery is common at leftist events however.
  3. Socialism is the foundation of both communism and fascism. Both (communism and fascism) have more in commonalities than differences. If one is truly against socialism, they can't be in favor of fascism. If you support communism, you're also supporting many elements of fascism - and vice versa.
  4. The fact that you claim to be a satanist yet in favor of socialism is very ironic -
    "Perhaps most are unaware of the connection, though LaVey wasn’t shy about admitting his debt to his inspiration. “I give people Ayn Rand with trappings,” he once told the Washington Post. On another occasion he acknowledged that his brand of Satanism was “just Ayn Rand’s philosophy with ceremony and ritual added.” Indeed, the influence is so apparent that LaVey has been accused of plagiarizing part of his “Nine Satanic Statements” from the John Galt speech in Rand’s Atlas Shrugged."
    Yet objectivism stands in direct opposition to socialism.

Rag on all the religions you want. Well, I guess you only have the balls to rag on one.... Still, I don't believe in any institutions as they can be infiltrated, corrupted and subverted - and yes, I can agree that they all are used as a form of control (including your own institution). There is a difference between institutions and the the teachings they promote. You can have belief in whatever religion you want, but have nothing to do with the institutions.

Hitler and Mussolini did not take inspiration from the bible or Christianity, they merely wanted to seize the institutions and corrupt them to consolidate more power. The Roman Catholic church is as corrupt as they come, therefore it was an obvious choice considering how much power it had in Europe at the time.
They took inspiration from the power it held, not from it's ideologies or beliefs.


  1. Leftism / Socialism to you is anything that opposes Right Wing authoritarianism.

  2. The commercial media has ran plenty of stories of Nazi flags at rallies.


  1. Might want to tell that to all of the admitted fascists in America who consistently rail against "socialism". And as I have said before, you can trace the roots of fascism to Christianity, and there are plenty of commonalities, so I guess you can't truly be in favor of Christianity if you are against fascism. That's your logic.

  2. I never said I was in favor of socialism though. That is your projection onto me. The typical strawman, anything that isn't Right Wing authoritarianism / Christian theocracy is socialism. However, I am also not a LaVeyan Satanist.

I rag on plenty of religions. I grew up Jewish and protest against many aspects of Judaism. I protest against many aspects of Islam. I protest Scientology. It just seems as if I only rag on Christianity, because I live in America where it is the dominant religion, and we quite literally have people in government advocating for Christian theocracy, with a good chunk of Americans cheering them on. Maybe when Islam becomes the dominant religion of the country and we have a 77% Muslim supreme court (it is currently 77% Catholic, 88% Christian) then I will devote more efforts to protesting against it.

Hitler quite literally wrote in Mein Kampf that he took inspiration from Christianity and Jesus.

"And the founder of Christianity made no secret indeed of his estimation of the Jewish people. When He found it necessary, He drove those enemies of the human race out of the Temple of God."

"The völkisch-minded man, in particular, has the sacred duty, each in his own denomination, of making people stop just talking superficially of God's will, and actually fulfill God's will, and not let God's word be desecrated. For God's will gave men their form, their essence and their abilities. Anyone who destroys His work is declaring war on the Lord's creation, the divine will."

In a 1928 speech, he said: "We tolerate no one in our ranks who attacks the ideas of Christianity ... in fact our movement is Christian."

@Tom81 Jackson just likes to argue, get it?????

@Serg97 and I just like to point out bullshit when I see it


  1. nope, you're wrong. To me there's not much difference between left wing authoritarianism and right wing authoritarianism. Just like there's not much difference between fascism and communism. Does being against every form of authoritarianism make me 'right-wing'? Maybe according to you.
    Either way, I'm not 'right-wing' by any standard other than the extreme left's.
  2. Commercial media is a joke, lies frequently and has an overt bias. According to newsguard -"both the Fox News and MSNBC sites are rated red, meaning they have earned an overall score of less than 60 out of 100. Their readers are urged to proceed with caution when they encounter content from these websites".
    I see no reason to trust commercial networks that edit deceptively, take things out of context etc.
    Found a pic of a Nazi flag next to a Trump banner 👏. And what does that prove? There's no context to the pic, it doesn't represent the majority of their movement. Leftist rallies are usually swamped with communist imagery. The hammer and sickle/ communist fist are equal to a swastika/Nazi salute in my eyes.
  3. Admitted fascists are like admitted Communists - both absolute scum. But the establishment has no issue with promoting and praising admitted communists, whilst trying to claim that everyone against them is a fascist.
    As for the religious aspect - communists seek to destroy religion because it threatens their power, fascists try to use religion to gain more power. It's about the power structures, not the beliefs within. Both fascists and communists use various groups (which they lie and love bomb to get on their side - you should be familiar with that) to get what they need before ditching that group. You should be familiar with it, it's the same as a narcissistic discard.
  4. And I've never said I was conservative, right wing, republican or christian - yet you keep asserting that I am. I've repeatedly said that I don't follow collectives, groups, parties, religions etc - so who's trying to strawman and project? You.
    You don't support socialism 🤔 funny that, you seem to go along with and agree with all of their shit. I certainly haven't seen any criticisms of socialism coming from you. Didn't you say you voted for some sort socialist/socialist group during the last presidential election? 🤷 Maybe that was WilleyDickGrimes or whatever the fuck his name was.
  5. Oh you rag on other religion, do you? 🤨 What... like 0.001% of the time? 👏So stunning and brave of you to focus on Christianity in today's culture.


  1. Based on your post history, I do not believe you.
  2. "I don't believe your examples that Nazi flags were at Trump rallies. But without evidence I believe that Left rallies are full of Communist imagery."
  3. The establishment promoting and praising? You must have missed that the House just passed a resolution to "denounce the horrors of socialism" with 218 Republicans and 109 Democrats voting yea. Seems like the establishment disagrees with you. You are disingenuous if you are trying to claim that the right-wing establishment doesn't label everything they disagree with as "socialism" and have tunnel vision, focusing on culture war issues and anti-wokism rather than actual policy. As for religion, what is religion (specifically Abrahamic monotheistic religion like Christianity and Islam) other than a means to power with lies and "love bombs"?
  4. "You don't support socialism 🤔 funny that, you seem to go along with and agree with all of their shit." You claim you aren't Conservative or Right Wing, yet you seem to go along with and agree with all of their shit. Funny...
  5. You seemed to have ignored my point on this one.

1)🤣 I don't care about your opinions, I have absolutely no respect for you or take anything you say seriously. I know that you're just a generic narcissist - a fraud, a lying nobody that hates themselves and everyone that's better. You don't even believe that shit you spout, so... whatever, loser.
2) Yeah, I don't believe that Trump rallies were full of Nazi flags. A pic of a Nazi flag next to a Trump flag proves at a stall (fuck knows where) proves what? Nothing other than people will sell anything. Communist China sells the most Nazi regalia online. You've made no point.
3) And leftists claim that whatever they don't like is 'white supremacy', racist, or whatever phobic. Overplayed card with no meaning or base in logic and reasoning.
As for the Abrahamic religion aspect - I don't know how much clearer I can make it. Maybe if I write it in all upper case? I'M NOT RELIGIOUS. I CAN AGREE WITH CERTAIN IDEAS/LINES OF THOUGHT/TEACHINGS WHILST STILL NOT AGREEING WITH THE TOTALITY OF THE DOGMA. All religions have a good side, bad side and nuanced shades of grey.
Did that help or do I need to make it easier for your black and white world view?
Here's another thing your narcissistic mind might find too difficult to understand - just because I agree or disagree with certain elements of a particular ideology, doesn't mean I support or hate the entire group 🤯.
4) Nope, wrong again. I've had disagreements and arguments (and been blocked by) people on the 'right-wing', conservative and religious side. Doesn't mean I hate them, doesn't make them my enemy that I always have to be reactive and contradictory to. I've also agreed on certain points with people whom I generally disagree with.
Your hive mind just does not understand individualism, probably because you don't have an actual personality or sense of 'self' (and most likely why you cling to identity politics and collectivism).
5) I don't miss or ignore points. Sometimes they're just not worth arguing over.
Maybe you're missing points though 🤔
I know you're disingenuous and only here for narcissistic supply (the good supply is lacking, so I guess you must be desperate if bad will do).
So why am I responding to your posts if I know that all you want is attention regardless of the means?
Either way, enjoy the attention before disappear into irrelevant obscurity 😁

@Serg97 oh, and yes - I'm fully aware of what he/she/whatever is and isn't. I know how the games with that type go, but I'm doing my own thing for my own reasons. I'm not expecting to reason, have insightful discourse or change minds, I realize that's not possible.

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