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This is the Culture We Must Return To

Sensrhim4hizvewz 8 Feb 2
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Cover those feet immediately!


Why do men wear a noose, tight collars, three piece suits, sweating their asses off while the accompanying woman has a short dress, bare arms, boobs hanging half out while freezing off her ninnies?


Beautiful indeed.


Wholesomeness is the way to go!

sqeptiq Level 10 Feb 2, 2023

Why not go one step further?

One step, eh?

How in God's name do you correlate moderate dress codes to religious extremism? Somehow, you seem to group together the idea of decency and moderation with oppression and misery. Are you so filled with blind hatred and mental illness that you believe a society without morals or rules is an expression of "freedom"? The society you seem to clamor for is known as CHAOS and TYRANNY! We are living in it right now in Canada, my friend, and things are swirling around the toilet bowl here

@Sensrhim4hizvewz you said yourself "This is the Culture We Must Return To". We must return to a culture where women are forced to wear dresses in the same style and look almost identical. Can't have pants or comfortable clothing, no that is too immodest and ugly. If you wanted this to just be about covering up and not exposing a ton of skin, you could have shown all sorts of women in modest clothing, but you chose this very specific photo. And your intentions are clear, it is obvious what your goal is. You equate not wearing a dress and and not being a trad-wife as without morals and without rules. If women don't act like property and be good Christian servants, we are in chaos and tyranny.

You aren't fooling anyone.

What a sorry misunderstood fake satanist/atheist

@Sensrhim4hizvewz Because he is a troll. Chaff in the great game of life.

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