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Why have I not I of Mary Eberstadt before? I have been thinking about the drastic shift that started the early 60's. Think of the lyrics of the early Beatles songs. And today's female pop stars presentation and lyrics, many are highly disgusting and man hating. And the massive contrast of run of the mill functional pre 60's feminist who would be more concerned with helping children in orphanages and mothers. The difference is drastic. The atomic bomb in the room is hormonal birth control.

The Black Feminist Lesbian organization, The Combahee River Collective. The year 1977, the ground zero point of identity politics. MGTOW was originally started on a forum run by an Asian guy. Falsely claimed on Wikipedia to be white supremacist. Yet has a disproportionate high number of black men identifying with it today. The implosion of the family is the obvious root cause.

Historically women always had to work and contribute to supporting the family she was in. The most successful was what might be called the corporate marriage. The anomaly is the hyper-affluence period of 1920's to 1970's. Where a guy could support a family on his labor alone and woman had a ton of excess free time. Also assisted by many products of modernity like washing machines, other appliances, mass produced textiles, chemistry. The root of this is the oil drum. Strangely the oil drum is aggressively hated today. Yet without the oil drum all those aching feminist would be a surf slaving away all her waking hours barely having enough to eat.

Was a teen in the 70s and my attitude was to get where my wife would not have to be in the workplace, but could be at home nurturing the children. When we first started out she did work for two years with our first child but that child care experience was even more incentive to get away from "society's wisdom". And after that she was able to remain in the home and nurture the children. And that is still going on with grandchildren. We joke about the Waltons sitcom where 3 generations lived in the same house. We're not living in the same house, but we're intertwined in each others lives in that manner.

This, of course, is near extinct in the culture at large due to the secular wisdom that displaced all traditional value systems (and especially religious influence on the wider culture). Immediate gratification, entitlement mentality, insatiable narcissism - the values of secular society at large - are coming at a very steep price indeed as the consequences are arriving.

So the end result of that "big secular wisdom" is that nearly all Western nations are in demographic decline heading toward collapse - Italy is the poster child of that crisis. The USA actually had a good chance to avoid the demographic collapse that's hitting all these other nations, but feminism and all that has come from that, has sabotaged that potential, and so the USA is in rapid process of becoming as bad off as these other "dead people" walking nations.

In the meantime the Amish double their numbers every 20 years. They're not on the Internet and social media. They don't know anything about the "big wisdom" of secular society that foisted all of this. Guess Jesus may be right again - looks like the meek will indeed inherit the Earth.

MosheBenIssac 8 Oct 27
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Takes the focus off "poor me" and gives God the glory despite circumstances.

Feminism and the weak men who enable it spoil everything.

I love that. Thanks.

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