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Admittedly it’s very hard for people to come to grips with the realization that socialism can present as right wing extremism just as easily as it can present as left wing extremism. Just give it a little thought before jumping to conclusions?

Basically socialism is socialism – there is no real difference between the left’s socialism and the right’s version that caused World War II in the 20th Century. Socialism is evil plain and simple no matter who or how it characterizes or presents itself.

Look at it this way, a bank robber in America is the same as a bank robbers in Cuba or North Korea – are they not? It doesn’t matter whether they rob banks in North Korea opr America they’re still simply bank robbers the world over – socialism is the very sane way. Socialism is a government arrangement that steals money from you that you have earned and redistributes it [or at least some of it] to those that haven’t earned it – it is nothing more than theft of your earned money under color of law.
Socialists redistribute your earned money in return for votes that keep them in power. Those famous words come to mind: THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A FREE LUNCH!” That’s why socialism is like a pyramid scheme that has to eventually become either expansionist like Nazi Germany or a dystopia horror show like North Korea because it can’t expand – in either case it’s theft.

And yet people keep falling for that same old communist utopian grift expecting free lunches in return.

In the west kids seem to think that education just fall out of heaven like rain or something. When the truth is that society has paid for their education and now they want society to pay for their continued education – they want that free lunch to continue when it’s actually at taxpayer’s expense.

NOTE: It should be understood that taxpayers end up paying for any increases in corporate taxes because corporations just pass that expense along to the consumer who’’ get zero credit for it.

With that in consideration I’d like to posit the elimination of all federal taxes other than a federal flat straight across the board sales tax to be collected by individual states along with their state sales taxes and thereby easily accounted for along with the states passing that revenue along to the federal government. Instead of more IRS Agents we could have much less to pay for. In addition there’d start to be more accountability when citizen begin to realize just how draconian the taxes they actually pay really are. With our Federal Government 34 Trillion dollars in debt there needs to be at least some small light at the end of this debt tunnel along with less freeloading government agents to pay for. Mind you there’s lots of fat that needs trimming off of this pig, but this seems to be a good way to start as citizens really need to know just how much of their dollar ends up actually being theirs – what do you think?

PS1. Government officials that don’t or refuse to do their jobs, we pay them to do, properly belong fired and/or convicted as the criminals they actually are. A person that doesn’t do their job properly is stealing from us the taxpayers. Government employees are criminally stealing from taxpayers when they don’t do the job exactly as they’re paid to – it’s embezzlement of public fund at the very least deserving of criminal conviction is it not?

PS2. Look closely at this. The totalitarianism displayed for simply emailing a publicly posted agenda being treated as a criminal offense and we can’t prosecute these criminal bureaucrats?

PS3. This man is a tyrant that needs investigating firing and criminally prosecuted. He has absolutely no understanding of freedom of speech and human liberty – how could he possibly understand the law he’s hired to enforce? Socialists DO NOT understand individuality – not in the least! He doesn’t understand that no one is obligated to tell him anything – period!

PS4. This is exactly the same socialist crap that President Trump is being accused of on J6 – knowing what other people have on the minds.

PS5. What part of this shows the professionalism he represents himself as having?

PS6. This man has got to know that he is the criminal involved and belongs in prison for embezzlement. Corrupt policing is criminal policing – can’t be any other way.

PS7. While I don’t want to be accused of siding with women I certainly don’t want to defend tyrants either – as there’s no excuse for such people. (He’s probably a male feminist rather than a real man?)

PS8. People, reasonable people, that is, would want to leave after a closed door police interrogation by this tyrant that thinks he knows what’s on your mind at all times if for no other resaon than to get away and cool off. Mind reading seems to be a disease that afflicts American police officer nation wide. This tyrant confuses office administration with traffic stops.

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“Chief of Police Fires Employee Over Hurt Feelings - She Wins at the End”

1914wizard 8 Nov 25
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