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You shouldn’t expect socialism to make itself obvious – like any other snake it makes use of camouflage and a multitude of other subterfuges to conceal itself from you.

Socialism is an evil beyond imagination. We are forced to judge socialism by its historical fruits – of which there are far too many.

Socialism’s antisemitic hatred, seeming to be pretty much universal, might be a good indicator that you’ve stumbled upon this socialist snake.

Everything that a socialist tells you will undoubtedly sound pure and innocent on the surface. After all why hasn’t anyone thought of or done this before innocent looking. It’s not till you dig deeper behind all its saintly appearance that its ugly black heart shows up. By then you’re more than likely far too deeply hooked by its pristine outer appearance.

Nazi Germany is a good example of socialism’s glitz and glamour outward appearance. But someone has got to do the dirty work of slaughtering the innocents offered up to socialism’s true god – the god of this world for now.

Now I fully expect some to rationalize their way out of recognizing this fact – but that’s just what they’ll have to choose for themselves individually.

Nor will socialists spare Karl Marx’s writings because he converted to Lutheran. It would be better if socialists be just a little more explicit as to who they hate – after all, it can’t be socialism without hating someone. I mean, is it Hebrews that socialists hate or is it the practitioners of Judaism that they hate – it’s all rather confusing? If there’s socialism there also has to be hate of some fashion – it’s inevitable!


Yes, Jews were first to be chosen by GOD for HIS favor. So how does that take away from you being HIS other sheep – or HIS offer thereof? Do we really have to continually go through this Cain and Able (zero sum game) dichotomy forever? The bottom line is that GOD has just one large accumulated flock – shouldn’t you be trying to be just one no matter where you are chosen from?

Yes yes, Jews can be a little snooty, but that’s for Christians to overlook and love them as we love ourselves – not to get perturbed over and/or make decisions over.

Take the MGTOW that goes by the handle Globalman for instance – even though I’ve lost track of him. He (Globalman) was born in Australia divorce raped by a Jewish Lawyer in Ireland and the last I heard of him he was hiding out in Germany. I bring him up only because I hope that he has finally shook off his dislike for Jews wherever he now calls home.

The bottom line is, love your enemies, but don’t agree to any of these Earthly commitments such as marriage – however if you do you’ll still not have sinned! You’ll most likely be miserable, but not sinfully miserable. Isn’t that good news my friend?

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“How the Nazis first burned books and then people”

PS1. THE ONE THING THAT A SOCIALIST ABSOLUTELY CANNOT ABIDE IS TO SIMPLY LIVE AND LET OTHER PEOPLE LIVE AS WELL! Show me a socialist government and I’ll show you repression and/or oppression!

PS2. If you don’t believe that your thinking is being molded by socialist haters of this American, experiment in self rule, ask yourself what politically important memorial day has come and gone without acknowledgment for the second year now. I noticed it missing last year and now its happened again – curiouser and curiouser.

PS3. And just in case you don’t think it can happen here, here is some of the best of Trish Regan.

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“BREAKING: WATCH Joe and Hunter Biden's Shocking Reactions to Indictment”

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