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2312111300M CONCEPTIONS?

People cannot conceive of Socialism being a separate and distinct evil; just like they cannot conceive of Nationalism not being a separate and distinct evil.

Therefore, are they matters of conception or perception – the question is for you?

I will point out that Nationalism received the blame for world war 2 while Socialism got a free pass in the minds of the general public. Possibly because the west allied with the Socialists of the Soviet Union in that that war to defeat our common NAZI (National Socialism) enemy?

Nations come and go, but ideas (be they good or bad) appear to be immortal. All, and I do mean all, forms of Socialism are expansionist. The National Socialists sought world ruler-ship by a specific blood line; International Socialism seeks to rule the world by a specific Ideology – both are expansionist forms of government.

Socialism changes cloaks faster than any mortal; can keep track. I would hope that if nothing else comes out of this current attack on Israel that the true Socialists will expose themselves to the naive of us. Incomplete wars leave enemies in waiting for another day. And the middle east is full of world war 2 leftovers. Leftovers that even Hitler didn’t trust enough to fully arm. You do realize that his allies in the middle east were never conquered don’t you? All the young men still alive just wanted to go home sick of fighting as they were.

The Long March of Socialism from the Frankfurt School, to infiltrate western academia, started during this period, only now producing it antisemitic hate filled fruit for you to clearly see.

Socialism is historically a long game, whereas Liberty is so very short lived and fragile – or so the Socialists hope.

For the spiritual minded, if International Socialism weren’t an affront to GOD there wouldn’t be so many languages spoken around the world today. One world government was, then and still is, an affront to GOD almighty. It’s not that the Tower of Babel could actually reach a heavenly realm, it was that mankind sought to do it that was the affront to GOD!

Isn’t it repulsively interesting that the very youths that profess to be ANTIFA (Ant-Facist) are in reality the (Socialist) Fascism they claim to hate? Or didn’t you realize that Fascism was and is just another variation of Socialism – even represented that way by it creator. Or why else are, to this day, both Hitler and Mussolini classified as Fascists?

Posted by: The Telegraph ~ 3 weeks ago ~ 206K views ~ 5.16M subscribers
“Dennis Prager: Supporting Hamas is like supporting Nazis in WW2”

1914wizard 8 Dec 11
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Are you not aware that many Jews are atheists that support communism? Karl Marxs father was Jewish, but Karl Marx himself was atheist, saying religion is the opiate of the masses. Mark Zuckerberg is another communist Jew. Bernie Sanders is another connunist Jew. I didn't care about religion, I first identified Mark Zuckerberg, BERNIE sanders as communist. It wasn't until later I discovered that they were also Jewish. Upon further investigation, I realized almost 9 out of 10 hedge fund managers are Jewish, with Communist Ray Dalio, a hedge fund manager, being an exception. Upon further investigation, I discovered the kibbutz. These are Jewish people that do not believe in God, but in government, and a kibbutz is a communist settlement. In the 1960’s, only 4% of Israelis lived in kibbutzim. Today, kibbutzniks make up 15% of the members of Israel’s parliament, the Knesset.

Interesting facts about a kibbutz:

It cannot sustain itself, as communism never can, so it must live on taxes or donations.

Nobody is allowed to be married, you must ask the government for a room to fuck. Marriage is considered evil and part of the patriarchy. I guess even the women are shared.

Your kids are not yours, you can only see them 4 hours a day, and the children are raised by nurses with all the other children.

They want women and men equal, so they encourage women to take traditionally masculine jobs, ignoring their children in the name of equality.

Everyone gets the same shit, regardless if they work.

Hamas attacked a kibbutz, the main target.


In contrast of kibbutz, Islam, like communism, seeks global domination. Islam does not respect women's rights, neither do kibbutz/communism.

So, in essence , 2 bullies fighting each other.

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