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But there is no such thing as a business too big to fail in a capitalist free market economy – is there?

When did a loan become distasteful; and a handout and/or give away acceptable?

Just like President Trump vowed no more free handouts of taxpayers money when re-elected – only loans by this United States government to be re-payed.

Capitalism is a sink or swim economic proposition! It’s Socialism that sees everyone equally responsible for individual failures – that’s what Socialism is after all.

With Fascist Socialism certain individuals in power determine who sinks or swims with your money. Therefore your money, for all intent(s) and purpose(s), become their money to do with as they wish.

Well, just look at Joe Biden’s own words that Ukraine needing your tax dollars somehow is connected to America’s national security?

As long as Ukraine remained bio lab free, and not part of NATO, it represented a buffer zone for Russia against attack. So who changed all that? And even now might be too late for a peace treaty?

It’s the whole picture, the whole landscape that’s got to be considered –while recognizing that the corporatist military industrial complex has gotten control of our Fascist United States.

But Joe Biden will tell you that making America Great Again patriots are the biggest threat to our democracy when even that should’ve been republic. Americans have never sworn allegiance to a democracy -- just recite your memorized pledge of allegiance to verify the truth of what I say here.

Didn’t Benjamin Franklin even report that the newly formed United States of America was/is a republic – IF YOU CAN HANG ONTO IT?

Nothing is ever free that comes from the United States Government as some taxpayer somewhere is being forced to pay for it. It’s all just another way to surreptitiously slip more and more Socialist programs in where they don’t belong – have never belonged.
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“Fascism: Idolatry of the State”

PS1. Fascism was created as a more favorable form of Socialism. A Socialism that doesn’t need to nationalize all means of production, but rather ‘assimilates’ (meld together) the means of production with the fascist state. Hitler and Mussolini didn’t need to nationalize industry as the state and industry become one and the same under Fascism.

PS2. Remember, you will own nothing and you will be happy.


Exodus 20:20 And God spake all these words, saying,
2 I am the LORD thy God, which have brought thee out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage.
3 Thou shalt have no other gods before me. (kjv)



  1. take in (information, ideas, or culture) and understand fully:
    "Marie tried to assimilate the week's events"

▪ absorb and integrate (people, ideas, or culture) into a wider society or culture:
"pop trends are assimilated into the mainstream with alarming speed"

Similar: subsume, incorporate, integrate, absorb, engulf, swallow up, take over, co-opt, naturalize, adopt, embrace, accept, admit.

Rare: acculturate.

▪ become absorbed and integrated into a society or culture:
"the older generation had more trouble assimilating"

▪ (of the body or any biological system) absorb and digest (food or nutrients):
"the sugars in the fruit are readily assimilated by the body"

Similar absorb, take in, acquire, pick up, grasp, comprehend, understand, learn, master, digest, ingest, imbibe, drink in, soak in.

Informal: get the hang of, get.

  1. cause (something) to resemble; liken:
    "philosophers had assimilated thought to perception"

▪ come to resemble:
"the Churches assimilated to a certain cultural norm"

▪ make (a sound) more like another in the same or next word.

Word Origin:
late Middle English: from Latin assimilat- ‘absorbed, incorporated’, from the verb assimilare, from ad- ‘to’ + similis ‘like’.

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