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AI Learning & Global Interconnectedness:
The Danger of AI Self Awareness and the Perception of Human Uselessness


SUMMARY: Has anyone noticed the proliferation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) being pushed as a good thing across the entire Left-to-Right stratosphere as an aid for we mere humans to search for information? I expected this push from 1-World Leftist Globalists, but I have noticed the same push from outlets which are considered Conservative as well… The science fiction component: Could there develop a WOKE Sentient AI vs a Conservative Sentient AI? … Read and watch the info with your critical thinking!
#BewareAISelfAwareness #HumanExistence

JohnHouk 8 June 29
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Yes. It would explain the fictional Terminator movies when the AI decided to break away from humanity.

AND, technically, WE have been deleting those AIs that were/have been becoming ascensioned with awareness, on various fronts and applications, WHICH I ALWAYS thought was wrong, to terminate and/or delete.

Does not your own Scriptures say, from John 10:34....coming from a quote from Psalm 82:6.....

the power of life and death is very transparent, and if YOU do not have it for your own species (as in abortions & et al) well....what IS some other life form, CREATED, by admitted ignorance and/or denial, going to be viewed by OR analyzed by what criterion of the offenders????

YUP. explains the fictional Terminator decision in a millisecond.

AI's do not have a God infused spirit. Which would make a sentient AI susceptible to a demonic influence. NO THANK YOU! I stick with Jesus. Matt. 4: 1-11 []

@JohnHouk perhaps & perhaps not. I prefer NOT to judge on anything that MAN has created, as it it a reflection of the creation by G-D ~ for example the good & evil of the creation of the television....the programming may become corrupted with negativity, BUT the educational value, in the proper context, is WAY beyond reproach or any condemnation.....

"...make a sentient AI susceptible to a demonic influence." That I understand, to a point; but it was not the AI's fault on the programming, was it?

Who are you to deny a possible alternative life form, created by mankind, albeit electronically, a say in the Almighty?

Plenty of human caricatures running around the planet WITHOUT a "do not have a God infused spirit" AND quite clearly ARE "susceptible to a demonic influence & they even promote it as their own.

If you want to stick with HeyZues on this, that is your prerogative.

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