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LINK UNC dismisses professor after secretly recording his classes

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill will not renew the contract of a professor whose classes they recorded without his permission, university media relations director Beth Lutz confirmed.

Larry Chavis has taught economics at the university’s Kenan-Flagler Business School on a yearly contract since 2006. In April, he was notified that his classes had been secretly recorded by a camera in his lecture hall, and that footage of those lessons had been used in a professional review. The review was prompted by “reports concerning class content and conduct … over the past few months,” associate dean Christian Lundblad wrote in a letter to Chavis.

Chavis, a member of the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina, has been an outspoken advocate for Indigenous and LGBTQ+ rights in ways that have sometimes pitted him against university officials, he told Inside Higher Ed in April.

He looks like a ripe loony!

sqeptiq 10 June 17
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I have no problem with a surveillance state, as long as all recordings are accessible to any school participant who asks for them .

ARMY basic training would be so much easier if drill sergeants were held accountable for half of the nonsense they do to mess with recruits .


Students cheat on exams and they're distracted by cell phones. Schools should install


This is why I have advocated that public classrooms must have cameras on during all classes. Pretend that the reason is safety -- e.g., to show a school shooter. What is more frequent is the pervies like this DBag going off curriculum and grooming. Storing class records for a week or two (like banks do) would give you something to look back to in the event of an accusation.


Communist lost because he depended on a job for income, and now without a job,he has no income, and he knows nothing of value to help people, such as repairing cars, building fences, etc. If you had 18 years of high pay, that is plenty of time to buy rental properties, but since he is a communist, he likely paid rent or bought a big ass house, which he might lose, and has no other income to save his butt, but he might like it in the butt anyway.

He's a professor of're probably right.

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