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Cancel Culture is the hypervigilant law enforcement arm of political correctness. The online mob acts as judge, jury & executioner. We reject this system of justice. Honest discourse is the way forward. us in #Milwaukee Sunday 8/16/20 Tix available: [betterdiscourseevent].

Mythinformed 4 July 27
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Will you join the left in fighting to defund the police if they agree to defund the "police" of "Cancel Culture?"

I don't support negotiating with terrorists.

@DaveO276 Weird how the left can be terrorists and police at the same time. Unless you mean police are terrorists...

@WilyRickWiles The left are police? So, by your logic, they want to defund themselves... I like the sound of that!

@DaveO276 The original poster said that "Cancel Culture" is a form of law enforcement. Around here, the left is generally blamed for "Cancel Culture." I compared OP's stance on metaphorical police to the left's stance on actual police. Then you called the left terrorists.

@WilyRickWiles Cancel culture is not literally law enforcement, and I don't believe OP was saying that it is. Political correctness is not literally a government that has "Cancel Culture" agents to enforce their laws... at least not at the moment.

The far leftist terrorists are carrying out an insurgency and attempting a cultural Marxist revolution in hopes of overthrowing the constitutional order and implementing their own, complete with their own moral police.

@DaveO276 What is the point of metaphorically equating something to police, fascism, terrorists etc. if the implication isn't that they are just as harmful? I believe that this is all very real to the original poster. He'd probably use your scaremongering about the left as his bridge from metaphor to reality! Was that your intention?

@WilyRickWiles As OP states, cancel culture (aka the hypervigilant arm of political correctness, aka the online mob) seeks to usurp the legitimate system by implementing their own, in which they act as judge, jury, and executioner without proper separation of powers and without legitimate and fair constitutional republican democracy. They start out doing this metaphorically, until they gather enough power through manipulation to implement something more substantial.

The "Defund the Police" movement is a cancel culture movement - they are trying to cancel the police so they can replace them with something that would end up being truly dystopian if it was allowed to run its natural course to the end.

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