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If you convert to marxist atheism and your former religion was catholicism, can you still call yourself a catholic?

I would say no. So why are there people who do not believe in the jewish religion at all calling themselves jewish?

You converted to marxist atheism you are not jewish, you don't believe in god, makes no sense!

Neo-Tech 7 Jan 14
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People do this all the time. Try Irish American, etc. What is clear is you can't be a US citizen in good faith and be a Marxist. Marxism was cloaked in economic terms but that is just cover for a political ideology.

wolfhnd Level 8 Jan 16, 2023

Jew-"ish." It's a thing.

govols Level 8 Jan 14, 2023

Wtf is “Marxist Atheism”?

Atheism is not believing in gods…. Nothing to do with Marx.

And being Jewish is not just about your beliefs.
It is about your ancestry, your acceptance of that and being part of that culture.

For example, I am an agnostic but are still part of the Christian culture and celebrate Christmas etc as family days.

Hanno Level 8 Jan 14, 2023

There is some debate about whether being Jewish is entirely about race or about religion.

It is about culture and if you identify with your origins.

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