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So i go to the gym and this one dude named taz is always negative starting shit. So when i told him that in islam that if you are gay you get the death penalty so he aas talking to this muslim guy who kept saying you are gay, he is gay etc. So anyway then he talked to another dude and told him i am gay and the dude kept harassing me because he might really be gay. So now then i told taz that in islam they want to spread the territory of islam so they start stabbing people during ramadan. So then taz told this muslim guy what i said, since the muslim guy had a gun in his bag. So the muslim guy got in my face and was angry and said do you have a problem with me? So i said not you personally im talking about your religion. They cut peoples heads off and stuff. He said you don't know what youre talking about. So i said i read it in a book. And he said which book? I said neo tech. So he didnt have a response. He said do not talk about me or my religion. If you want to talk come talk to me. Then he changed he said you can say whatever you want but there will be repercussions. He said do you know what repercussions mean? I said like revenge. He said no you don't know what it means look in the dictionary. So anyway he said are we good? I said yes. So he left, but i told him about taz always talking about gay this and that even though it was probably the muslim who started it first so he left.


Do you think its dangerous to go to the gym with these negative people looking for an excuse to commit violence?

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FocusOn1 6 Aug 27
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The world is a dangerous place. You can't avoid all danger or you will be unable to do anything. It comes down to risk/benefit analysis. Sometimes the risks are hard to define and the benefits mostly psychological. Would avoiding the gym make you feel like you are unable to deal with danger? How would that effect your quality of life? The answers are personal depending on the individuals personality.

wolfhnd Level 8 Aug 28, 2023

I probably should learn.martial arts since most of these people know martial arts already


Martial arts can help you feel in control but the goal is to not every be in a position where you have to use them. Never use more force than is necessary. Displaying you ability to engage in self defense can escalate a situation. It's like firearms, most people prefer to conceal carry so they don't become a target.


I voted no but it really is about having observation skills so it should be maybe. Probably more dangerous if the person says nothing.

Went there I saw the fella, I ignored him, he left after a little bit


sounds like the stereotypical high school start of fights & confrontations & gossip (from my days) of "they said, that you said, that I said...." sheesh Wheezy!!!

😂 what happened to the George Floyd graffiti

@FocusOn1 it got hit by lightning ~ an act of G-D ~

@FocusOn1 weird it is not sharing

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