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While there is naturally a YEN-YANG dichotomy in nature itself, Marxist Socialism should be seen a a common umbrella term for any ideology that fosters a need for more hate dichotomies than the natural oppression already inherent to nature.

Sometimes you’ll hear communist refer to yen-yang as their contrived dichotomy of OPPRESSOR AND OPPRESSED.

Feminism is one half of a Marxist-Socialist dichotomy. Just like Communism requires perpetual revolution to thrive, Marxist Socialism requires a hate dichotomy to survive and thrive.

This United States is polarized between two diametrically opposed political points of view. One is Marxist Socialism trying to disguise itself, while the other is the Individual Liberty of our founding fathers.

This United States has made the mistake of allowing Marxist Socialism to get a foothold in our government. Never mind that “THE ROAD TO HELL IS PAVED WITH GOOD INTENTIONS.” What I mean by that is that GOOD INTENTION is the bait that catches well meaning people rendering them unable to simply live and let their neighbor live freely as they see fit – thereby creating a polarized political dichotomy.

Apparently you are a forgone OPPRESSOR when dealing with these people as they will always assume the position of OPPRESSED.

Israel’s big mistake is becoming a sovereign nation, capable of self defense, that these Marxist Socialist can now label as OPPRESSOR instead of their traditional role as Jewish OPPRESSED. This is the true reason for all the hypocritical backlash against Israel by these indoctrinated Marxist Socialists.

Yes, Yes, I know it’s stupid, but so are today’s western universities of indoctrination. And why should taxpayer be forced to pay for these student loan indoctrination fees? But that’s another post.


  1. Build the southern wall, then offer to build one for Mexico’s souther border.
  2. Abolish the IRS (Internal Revenue Service), immediately after instituting a Federal Sales Tax to be collected at points of sale by states and forwarded on to the United States Treasury.
  3. Consider Tulsi Gabbard for VP.
  4. Ask the UN to assign safe shipping to China that wants to darn its blue water big boy pants anyway.
  5. Resolve to not be policeman of the world – costs far too much!
  6. Iron Dome Taiwan, Britain and America like Israel.
  7. And seriously consider foreclosing on Tehran permanent.
  8. Enact a Constitutional Amendment that all Federal Judges require confirmation by the Supreme Court in addition to the Senate – hopefully to flush the politics out of our judicial system.

Posted by: Dinesh D’Souza ~ 2 days ago ~ 45K views ~ 759K subs
“REPORT FROM DAVOS Dinesh D’Souza Podcast Ep750”

PS. MAKE NO MISTAKE: The World Economic Forum’s meeting at DAVOS is in reality a conclave of die-hard communists.



  1. a division or contrast between two things that are or are represented as being opposed or entirely different:

"a rigid dichotomy between science and mysticism"

▪ repeated branching into two equal parts.

Word Origin:
late 16th century: via modern Latin from Greek dikhotomia, from dikho- ‘in two, apart’ + -tomia (see -tomy).

Powered by Oxford Languages

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ › topic › yinyangYinyang | Definition, Meaning, & Facts |

Yinyang, in Eastern thought, the two complementary forces that make up all aspects and phenomena of life. Yin is a symbol of earth, femaleness, darkness, passivity, and absorption. It is present in even numbers, in valleys and streams, and is represented by the tiger, the colour orange, and a broken line. Yang is conceived of as heaven, maleness, light, activity, and penetration. It is present in odd numbers, in mountains, and is represented by the dragon, the colour azure, and an unbroken line. The two are both said to proceed from the Great Ultimate (taiji), their interplay on one another (as one increases the other decreases) being a description of the actual process of the universe and all that is in it. In harmony, the two are depicted as the light and dark halves of a circle.

Author: The Editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica

1914wizard 8 Jan 20
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