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This is cool...the left instigating shit

DesireNoDesires 7 Jan 7
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Call for fire. Coordinates are as follows..

Xtra Level 8 Jan 7, 2020

Yeah, it's "the left instigating shit." Definitely not Donny boy.

So he refuses to retaliate after they shot down a US drone because lives werent lost, and he is criticized for not taking action..
US embassy is attacked in Iraq by Iranian militia endangering US soldiers, and there is evidence that the Iranian General has a plot to attack Americans. Trump with no hesitation takes out General and now is attacked by his own people and hes supposed to ignore it..?

do you feel that the msm should be even interfering with national relations concerning conflicts?

@DesireNoDesires Not sure what you're getting at. Trump is clearly guilty of what Zarif accused him of. He threatened to wipe out cultural sites.

@WilyRickWiles no shit...because of the protesters outside of our embassy which had already been attacked before by the Iranian militia...

@WilyRickWiles he warned, they attacked the embassy..he gave military the green light. Wtf would we look like if he were to not live up to his warning?

@DesireNoDesires I think you have some of the details mixed up.

@WilyRickWiles I wouldnt doubt it, which makes my point. MSM should not be interfering

@WilyRickWiles with that being said...if I could misunderstand or be misinformed, who are you to say whats correct and what is not when we are both reliant on a 3rd party source of information?

@WilyRickWiles when you treat a discussion as if it were a competition, nobody wins. you felt attacked by me using the term "left" when I wasnt even talking about you or democratic supporters as a whole..I was first going to blame msm, but then thought "its not them but more those who fund the news outlets" but when I went to accuse democrats I new that was too broad as well, being its not all democrats writing the media outlets checks.

Salem witch trials, and the early accusations of Christians and Pagans being satanic groups when they werent


Leftist propaganda from a regime that slaughters its own people who disagree with their ideology.
Pick you friends wisely lefty, for they will turn on your words as a sign of weakness and stupidity!

Rick-A Level 8 Jan 7, 2020

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