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Awsome series of tweest by Maajid Nawaz who demonstrate the absolute insanity of the pro-islamist left.


shj648 6 Jan 8
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Why would anyone not celebrate the death of this man who do enjoyed murdering. The liberals are so far out there anymore I'm waiting for them to try to convince us the world is flat...that's why the world is going to end in 12 years.

Dmwils Level 7 Jan 8, 2020

They are not liberals, they are the authoritarian far-left.

What are you saying? The world's gonna end???? In 12 years??? Hahahaha
Fricking far left is really a bizarre bunch, aren't they?

@Timmer123 I do not believe the world will end for another billion years. I do however believe the world as we know it will end or at least become unrecognizable to those of us who are blessed to have been living in North America during the 20th century.
It's really not a matter of "if" but of "when" something (or things) cataclysmic will happen. Disease, War, Natural Disaster, Global Economic and Societal collapse...take your pick - possibly some combination of any or all of those things.

@Timmer123 it was sarcasm my the actual response.


How hard is it to understand the value of the Shia pseudo-democracy Iran balancing the regional power of the Wahhabi state of Saudi Arabia? How hard is it to understand that Soleimani was a state official--a general--and not a non-state terrorist?


@shj648 Ironic that he makes the point about people not hearing about him until recently. Where was the coverage of the alleged "#1 bad guy" in the bootlicking outlets cheerleading his assassination in the months beforehand?

He was a state sanctioned terrorist, and he went to hell in the back seat of a chevy. How is that for IRONY?

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