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What could you do with half a Billion dollars? Provide housing for the homeless? Promote growth in dying rural communities? Well, if you were Bernie Sanders you'd invest, and create an independent, political spending arm to promote socialism. Justice Democrats, co-founded by Bernie in 2016, is doing just that! []

DeplorableToo 7 Jan 16
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the huffington post (fake news) says it's half a million not billion?

it's sick he didn't provide houses for the homeless : that's what trump would have done.

bastion Level 7 Jan 16, 2020

That's a good point--big difference between half a million and half a billion!

@WilyRickWiles i think the huffington post is fake news and the IDWs "deplorableToo" is right about this one can't trust fake news like huffpost only libtard demoncRATS would believe their,, lies.


Bernie wasn't involved in Justice Democrats. And why shouldn't the left engage in the political process?

The group was started by Kulinski and Uygur, who were leaders of the Bernie Sanders 2016 Presidential Campaign. πŸ™„

@DeplorableToo No they weren't involved in the Sanders campaign. And they stepped back a long time ago. The leadership of Brand New Congress, which was started by former Sanders volunteers and merged with Justice Democrats, took over.

@WilyRickWiles seriously? Your Google isn't working? []

@DeplorableToo "I've teamed up w/ @cenkuygur & top officials in Bernie Sanders campaign. We're launching Justice Democrats. Dems taking 0 corporate money."

The key part there is "&". The Sanders staff included Saikat Chakrabarti. Not Kulinski and Uygur. And the campaign was done at that point.

Moreover, I am familiar with all of these people and their histories.



That’s what communist tyrants do...

2peros Level 8 Jan 16, 2020

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