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Why do White people like climbing mountains? Seen a lot of POC whining and sniggering about it on Twitter.

Potgieter 5 June 30
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let the gov't take over the healthcare industry and before you know it things like mountain climbing, extreme sports will become verboten. you'll have to fit certain physical health protocols in order to go hiking on rugged trails. Certain foods will become heavily taxed and prohibitively expensive in order to "discourage" consumption.
Your personal health care - your very body will become gov't property and you the individual will hold very little domain over it.

iThink Level 8 June 30, 2020

Disturbing thought, hope it never comes to that.


Ask Tenzing Norgay if it's a "white thing"

Given that the mountain is snow-covered year round, the goodly Sherpa would doubtless agree that it is a "White Thing".

Would Tenzing Norgay have bothered if Sir. Edmund Hillary hadn't.


Why are most explorers White people? I haven't heard of too many African explorers. It's in our nature to explore and discover more so than any other race.

Mimi4mi Level 4 June 30, 2020

Adventurous spirit.

Pacific Islanders are extreme explorers and rival any white nation.

@Hanno No they don't. They may rival White nations like Poland and Serbia, but certainly not the great seafarers like Britain, France, Spain and Portugal.

Mmm,,, they found NZ 800 years before Europeans did from Hawai with no compass and open boats.
They might be primitive but their adventure spirits exceeds those even of the Vikings.
The comparative journey the Vikings took from Greenland to New Foundland is much shorter and easier.

The Europeans eventually made bigger and longer journeys however their technology was very advanced and they used both sextant and highly accurate watches to track their positions. They drew maps and wrote logs.

Maori used the stars and migratory birds and had only legends to guide them. And they did this with their wives and children.

No other group of people can rival the Pacific Islanders when comes to adventurous spirit.

@Hanno The Maoris migrated from SE Asia, not Hawaii, so they basically island-hopped to NZ. Still a great achievement! But it does not exceed the Viking voyages; they not only ventured to new lands (Canada, Greenland, etc.) under harsher conditions, but they conquered existing, more advanced civilizations in places like Britain, Ireland and France.

What have the Islanders accomplished since those journeys 500 years ago?

And how did they get to Hawaii?

The distances far exceed the distance from Iceland to Greenland or New Foundland.

Their boats were far more primitive and the journeys much longer.

The discussion is about adventurous spirit. Not the merits of the different races.

The more interesting question is how the PI’s found every pacific island but completely missed Australia.

@Hanno Here's an interesting piece:


@Hanno I'm reading up on the Islander journeys now - may well have to concede to you on the seafaring point!!!

But the "adventurous spirit" of the Vikings continued in their descendants (e.g. the Normans, British aristocracy), while that of the Islanders appears to have evaporated. The equivalent of Viking attacks on European cities like Paris and Canterbury would have been the Maoris sacking Kyoto. Although one could definitely argue that today's effeminate soyboy Swedes are a disgrace to their forbears!

I have often asked what the hell happened to the Vikings. The Nordic girls are still hot but their men pathetic.
Although I must say the Finnish defence during WW2 was impressive.

I can tell you the Maori were warriors until 1880 and then alcohol and Christianity pacified them. Now they still have that warlust but no way to express it ... and they are suffering for it.


I thought "because it's there" used to be the reason.

Admin Level 8 June 30, 2020

Still is.


But you know corporate commercials will run ads with POCs doing this very thing.

Look at any Patagonia catalogue and it's full of diversity. Get out into the backcountry and there's hardly any. Patagonia also make their products in China; so much for being anti-Trump, pro-environment and pro-human rights!


Wait are Sherpas white now?

It is an interesting point that the Sherpas have lived in the region and climbed mountains for at least hundreds of years... however it took a white New Zealander to make one of them finally go to the top.

@Hanno no but they are not Black either and really when talking about "racism" and such "Black" is the 500lb gorilla in the room...everyone dances around that fire like a bunch of idiotic druids


I'm sure a lot of other ethnicities climb mountains. So white people haven't cornered the market on that activity. Besides, Twitter sucks!

Apart from Whites, in the USA it's mostly East Asians. Black and Hispanic mountaineers are comparatively rare. Possibly because it's a stereotypical "White" pursuit. Hence the Twitter comments.


Bonus brownie points if anyone can name the guy in the photo...or the mountain.

Koos Kombuis oppie Drakensberge.


It’s Mount Everest however I do not know the person or the meaning of the photo.

@Hanno Ja, ek glo dat u die regte berg gekies het!

@Potgieter Chimchimini, Chimchimini, chim chim Cherie!

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