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Who would YOU rather SIMP-OUT on via OnlyFans?
Whatsa matter, Vampire Lord?
Do you not have the brass ovas to go there?
You do KNOW you'd make like, a million dollars in 5 minutes, right?
Are you too CLASSY?
Or do you not like your boobs?
You vagina-keepers have always had that power, that's not a lie.
More to the point, not to out-rant you AGAIN, but...
THIS WORLD has no use for CLASSY - male or female.
Just stay focused on your lower chakras, here here's some bobs n vagene, here's a Wendy's commercial.

I'm trying to be super kewl, to be worthy of Ms. Watson. That means, NoFap, Monk Mode, Sigma, OMAD, cranking out art, inventions, writing... But she does not care. So fuck it, guess I'll edge to redhead porn for 4 hours straight.

Also, what's with the WOODCHIPPER comment? 18 yo is still a child? Bhad is right up there with Belle Delphine as far as exploiting male gaze. BRILLIANT! Doctor Phil is a total PIMP!

Here, is some chipper-worthy content - []

Get, a clue, Syd!

Kalki 6 Apr 24
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Porn are good for MB

Mali222 Level 4 Sep 20, 2021

Does he want Sydney to be more overtly sexual online? Has he actually listened to her post about being in an abusive relationship? I think he's not interested in Sydney's thoughts on politics and society and just sees her as a pin-up.

There's nothing worse than being with a hot chick and she is all, "Don't touch me like that!" or don't go down on me because she is uncomfortable with her meatbot. I'm asking the B.E.D. if her recent rant is her projecting the bias you mention.

I agree with Ms. Watson that society is swirling the bowl, but her job is to look at shit and be like, "Those bits are too brown...." and I'm like, "Your EYES are brown, sweetheart."

If Bhad can exploit male gaze, and Syd has done well with mere SYMPATHY, what is the point of pooing Bhad?

Let's make overt sexuality cool again.


Being a child has nothing to do with the number of years one has existed on the planet, it has to do with their mental state, maturity level, how one social behavior, and the strength of their character.


I keep seeing various videos of someone letting their cat stumble across a keyboard. Perhaps that is the source of babble above. An angry cat, obviously.


Holy word salad Batman!

Goes best with Ranch.

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