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Thank you Sydney for telling me about this site! So sick of being censored by Facebook!!

broken_toy69 3 May 29
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I get censored too!

McMopar Level 3 May 30, 2020

In the words of Alice Cooper: "Welcome to my nightmare! I think you’re gonna like it! I think you’re gonna feel like you belong!"

A lot of us have been abused on other platforms. I’m a surviver of two nuked accounts on twitter (Jack really doesn’t like people who support Tommy Robinson). I abandoned the twits after my second account went down and dedicated the majority of my social media time to Intellectual Dark Web, now rechristened Slug. I have no regrets!


That's how I found out too

Love Sydney, love that she calls out the madness in this increasingly ridiculous "tolerant" society!

I’m really enjoying your input on-site! Reasonable and intelligent people are in short supply these days. Welcome!

@WorldSigh Thank you. I like it here so far, I'll do my best to have good discussion.

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Posted by AlpineFinally we are making progress here in Australia. Im so proud of Jordan Shanks and his legal team for continuing to fight for our freedom of speech.

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Posted by KalkiWho would YOU rather SIMP-OUT on via OnlyFans?

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