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LINK Armed groups say they will show up at polling sites on Election Day

Far-right groups are planning to patrol polling sites on Election Day, some of them armed, causing experts to worry about the possibility of violent clashes and voter intimidation.

Stewart Rhodes, the leader of a far-right group called the Oath Keepers, told the Los Angeles Times on Saturday that his members would "be out on Election Day to protect people who are voting." He said some would be carrying concealed weapons.

A QAnon-affiliated group has also been talking on Telegram, describing "heavily armed MAGA patriots" preparing for Election Day, according to the Times. The Times in turned cited the SITE Intelligence Group, which tracks extremists online.

Laws differ by state when it comes to whether you can bring a weapon to a polling site — concealed, unconcealed, or at all.

Openly carrying a firearm at a polling station could be interpreted as voter intimidation, which is illegal in the US.

Rhodes said if push came to shove, his members would draw their weapons.

Rhodes said he was worried about "the radical left" targeting voters. A Pew Research survey at the end of July found that Trump supporters were more likely than Biden supporters to prefer in-person voting this year.

"I'll be voting in person and so will everybody else I know, and I think the radical left knows that," Rhodes said.

"Not only are these people willing to participate in voter intimidation, but they're hoping to create this chaotic moment," Miller said. "There's an unwillingness to accept anything but a Trump victory."

Devin Burghart, the executive director of the Institute for Research and Education on Human Rights, told the Times that his group believed far-right groups would be standing by at polls in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin and that "the act of showing up armed is certainly a deterrent to folks showing up to vote."

JacksonNought 7 Oct 16
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I can just see them trying to force Trumpers to vote on the Left it will look like the wild Wild West maybe


Just like the black panthers with clubs and such in the obama election!!!!


Trolls die in silence. When they see “0” in the Likes column and no comments, they wither and die

What does "either and die" mean.

Also having a minority opinion doesn't make one a troll.


If Dems are largely voting by mail, and in-person voting is to be largely pro-Trump and/or anti-left, I don't expect any trouble at in-person polling places unless leftists and/or anti-Trump protesters/rioters decide to cause voting disruptions in order to affect the outcome of the election.

Don't start nothing, won't be matter how many individuals are in possession of personal arms for their own or the common defense.

govols Level 7 Oct 16, 2020

In the article, this armed far-right group is saying they want to prevent the left from intimidating voters, while at the same time engaging in intimidation. That says they will draw weapons if they see leftist appear with weapons. What if left-wing groups want to do exactly what this group is doing, and show up armed to prevent right-wing voter intimidation? What will happen? Who will start shit?


So far its the extreme Left Progressive anarchists that have been the most violent... isn't that the truth eh.

It's not the truth, but you do you.

@JacksonNought Huh.... and yes whether or not you choose to live in denial it is the truth.

@Lightman don't let facts get in the way of your worldview.


@JacksonNought I thought we were discussing the US view... the Democrats have trashed your democracy, The BLM and Antifa has trashed your cities and now you want a socialist government to trash your lives and the economy... amazing...


@Lightman no worse than your average run-of-the-mill football championship celebration / upset. Who says that I want a socialist government, or that it is intended to trash lives and the economy? If we are throwing accusations around, then you want a theocracy with internment camps for anyone who disagrees with you.

@JacksonNought wake up to yourself... you will never become a theocracy.

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