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Sam Harris clarifies that clip where he says he wouldn't have cared if Hunter Biden had children's bodies in his basement

Brett T.


Neuroscientist, author, and podcaster Sam Harris made the rounds on Twitter Thursday in the form of a video clip in which he admitted that suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop story was a “left-wing conspiracy” but it didn’t matter because of the danger Donald Trump brought to the presidency. Here it is in case you missed it:

In which, Sam Harris says that it's ok to conspire against Trump getting elected, because he was the equivalent of an asteroid headed towards earth. Literally literally. Worth watching just for Francis' reaction at the end. Omg.

— Alexandros Marinos (@alexandrosM) August 18, 2022

Harris is aware that the clip has gone viral, and he jumped on Twitter to clarify his comments. He didn’t say he was taken out of context, only that he wasn’t speaking very clearly.

There is a podcast clip circulating that seems to be confusing many people about my views on Trump (which is understandable because I wasn’t speaking very clearly). So, for what it’s worth, here is what I was trying to say: 1/6

— Sam Harris (@SamHarrisOrg) August 18, 2022

I was essentially arguing for a principle of self-defense (where there’s a continuum of proportionate force that is appropriate and necessary to use). I’ve always viewed Trump as a very dangerous person to elect as president of a fake university, 2/6

— Sam Harris (@SamHarrisOrg) August 18, 2022

let alone the US, and when he became a sitting president who would not commit to a peaceful transfer of power, I viewed him as more dangerous still. (However, I’ve never been under any illusion that he is Orange Hitler.) 3/6

— Sam Harris (@SamHarrisOrg) August 18, 2022

On the podcast, I was speaking narrowly about the wisdom and propriety of ignoring the Hunter Biden laptop story until after the election. I’ve always thought that this was a very hard call, ethically and journalistically. 4/6

— Sam Harris (@SamHarrisOrg) August 18, 2022

“Ignoring” the laptop story? Twitter locked the New York Post out of its account for six weeks and wouldn’t allow people to link to the story. That’s a lot more than just ignoring it.

But given what happened with the Anthony Weiner laptop in the previous election, I think it was probably the right call. 5/6

— Sam Harris (@SamHarrisOrg) August 18, 2022


Nothing I said on that podcast was meant to suggest that the Democrats would have been right to commit election fraud or take other illegal measures to deny Trump the presidency (nor do I think they did that). 6/6

— Sam Harris (@SamHarrisOrg) August 18, 2022

Sam, you could also just say "what I said was wrong" or maybe "subverting the will of the electorate via censorship & conspiring to peddle propaganda is actually a bad thing"

So sad to see people like you, Matt Dillahunty, etc go down this road.

— Fractional Reserve Disrespector (@GenesisBloq) August 18, 2022

What you said was quite clear. If the ruling class deems a politician unacceptable, it's within their right to censor news outlets, spread fake stories, and bury real ones in order to swing the election to their preferred candidate.

Which is about as undemocratic as it gets.

— AdamInHTownTX (Not a Biologist) (@AdamInHTownTX) August 18, 2022

Democracy cannot be trusted to the voters, so it is necessary to lie to them in order to get a result Sam wants. #SavedYouAClick []

— (@jtLOL) August 18, 2022

No one is confused Sam. What you are stating in this thread is almost exactly the same as what you said in the podcast. We heard you loud and clear: get rid of the orange man by any means necessary. Perhaps invest some time to get that TDS checked out.

— Sugilite (@SugiliteG) August 18, 2022

You said you didn't care if Hunter had the bodies of children in his basement, bro. You didn't quite make it sound like you've struggled mightily over the ethics of the situation.

— Zatonietzsche (@zatonietzsche) August 18, 2022

Zero people were confused about that interview


— Jenniferjoy175 (@David_Rubio1982) August 18, 2022

I've already unsubscribed after two years of loyalty. There isn't a misunderstanding here. You believe suppression of truth is a valid means to control your intellectual inferiors.

— Mufasastopheles (@Punk_in_head) August 18, 2022

Whoever you are, your words in that podcast were very clear to me. No need to clarify. The ends justify the means. By any way possible. Immoral – fine. Unlawful – great. Against journalistic ethics – if it gets the job done, you're ok with it.

— Michelle DH (@michelle0714h) August 18, 2022

Sam. I saw the whole thing. That clip was one of many that deserve to go viral from that interview.

The whole interview was one display of bias and lack of discernment piled upon another.

It was astonishing.

— Ava Petrucci (@mmeJen) August 18, 2022

“The thing I explicitly said is actually not the thing I explicitly said”

— Kyle Kashuv (@KyleKashuv) August 18, 2022

Believe people when they tell you who they are.

The TDS is too strong in you, which obviously undermines your objectivity and rationality, let alone being a path to the compromising of your ethics.

I just don't think you can be taken seriously going forward.

Good luck to you.

— Aris Lavranos, MD. (@ArisLavranos) August 18, 2022

You got to speak pretty much uninterrupted on the topic for 10 mins. I don’t think anyone is confused about what you said nor is there further need to clarify your position.

— jacquoranda (@jacquoranda) August 18, 2022

You were speaking very, very clearly. And we all understood.

But nice try.

— Avi Yemini (@OzraeliAvi) August 18, 2022

You clearly said it’s okay to lie and censor information it get rid of trump.

— Jake Shields (@jakeshieldsajj) August 18, 2022

I don’t think his explanation helped much. What other information would he like to suppress?

— Footjab (@Bepahmema) August 18, 2022

Ignoring and trying to bury a legit news story was clearly unethical and unjustifiable. But even if it wasn't, you're not considering the second-order effects of eroding the remaining public trust in the mainstream and social media and providing proof of bias on a silver plate.

— Lech Mazur (@LechMazur) August 18, 2022

"It's not what you think!" he explained, standing over the body, the knife in his hand dripping blood.

— Steve Skojec (@SteveSkojec) August 18, 2022

Sam Harris clarifies that clip where he says he wouldn't have cared if Hunter Biden had children's bodies in his basement

Here are some of the best reactions (memes, gifs, etc) to Brian Stelter 'leaving' CNN and BAHAHAHA

Between this and people crying about Liz Cheney’s loss, a lot of people don’t think “democracy” works if their candidate doesn’t win.


WATCH: Sam Harris says the quiet part deafeningly loud about the MSM and Left’s suppression of Hunter Biden laptop story []

— Twitchy Team (@TwitchyTeam) August 18, 2022


Alexandros Marinos
If you're wondering if his authoritarian streak is new, listen to this clip from a podcast with @BretWeinstein from the time before COVID was in the news, where Sam comes out in favor of forced vaccination.

Spoiler: no.

Follow the "science"


In Fools, Frauds and Firebrands (2015), Roger Scruton reminds us that “intellectuals are naturally attracted by the idea of a planned society in the belief they will be in charge of it” (p. 12), and this is one reason why they most often start with the area over which they have the most control: language.

Another reason is because reality has a stubborn habit of not cooperating with their utopian visions: thoughts are easier to control than economies or the revealed preferences of individuals.

Krunoslav 9 Aug 19
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The "end justifies the means". Any tyrant knows that.


The original interviews on triggernometry were a good expose:

Tim Pool's clips on YouTube today covered this and provided excellent counterpoints. Another good take/analysis:
Tom81 Level 8 Aug 19, 2022

Thanks for sharing.


I once had a lot of time for Sam. Then I realized what a wanker the man really is!

angelo Level 8 Aug 19, 2022

Criticizing traditional religions, with the exception of Islam, in modern times seems like a low hanging fruit. Apparently Sam is not a very tall man.


Some years back I had heard sufficiently enough from the mouth of Sam Harris to know that the man was not really a deep thinker or philosopher. When it came to "debating" topics like God and religiosity, social ills - what ever he always came across as a very common ordinary thinker. NOT really an intellectual man at all. His arguments were very pedestrian really.
His comments in this video and in his twitter responses to critics perfectly demonstrates his lack of ability to see profoundly into various subject matter. He argues with a greatly inflated sense of his own ability to support whatever his position (opinions) might be. Jordan Peterson ate his lunch.

iThink Level 9 Aug 19, 2022
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