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HumanEvents: Elon Musk Says Addressing Child Sexual Exploitation on Twitter Is New #1 Priority.

  • Twitter before Musk expended much of its content moderation energy on banning people for misgendering or stating basic facts of biology

  • In less than a month, Musk has managed to virtually eliminate the three biggest hashtags used by abusers to share child sex abuse material on Twitter, as well as making the reporting of such material simpler with the addition of a direct reporting option for child sexual exploitation content.


timon_phocas 9 Nov 22
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Sounds noble and good and in general I believe that matter deserves close attention.
However, I can see potential for great abuse of that idea. We all know that there are people who would make false allegations along the lines of "child abuse and exploitation".
All I am suggesting is that when there are signs and indications that children, minors, (anyone of any age really) is being abused, kidnapped, sexually exploited that it be immediately reported to proper authorities and fully investigated BEFORE going public with such accusations. Suspension and revoking Twitter accounts need not become publicly available information pending investigation and discovery of supporting evidence.
Also It should be a hard and fast rule that if and when "false allegations" occur the accusers themselves should be held to serious legal consequences - fines and jail time and their names should be well publicized.

iThink Level 9 Nov 22, 2022

Who better than a best bud of Ghislaine? These sorts of efforts have never been compromised!

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