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Vladimir Putin announced the irreversible process of de-dollarization between the BRICS countries.

"Effords are being made to develop effective mechanisms for mutual settlement, currency and financial control" - he said."

Like I having been saying for some time the only thing worse than a crook is a crook so stupid they don't know they are crook. Putin knows he is crook and in some ways that makes him less dangerous than people behind the Western establishment.

The people in the US state department, the EU and NGOs such as WEF, and International Monetary Fund are essentially morons. They have advanced degrees in pseudo scientific fields such as economics but are ignorant of history and it's implications. Worse still they are so drunk on power that they will never admit when they make a mistake.

The general population is even more ignorant than the establishment making them easy targets for propaganda. Life has been so easy for the last 5 decades in the West that we have forgotten how to adapt. Instead of facing our problems we jump on irrational solutions that appease our emotions.

The best propaganda is always the truth. Take anthropogenic warming as an example. The propagandists have been distracting the population with the science. The population doesn't even realize it isn’t just a scientific problem. That is how propaganda works it distracts people from the real issues. It doesn’t matter how many scientists agree that anthropogenic warming is taking place, there still is a need for a great deal of scientific skepticism over how much warming and what the effect will be. More importantly, the policies adopted will do very little to address anthropogenic warming. If everyone in the West committed suicide tomorrow China and the developing world will easily replace the co2 emission reduction over the next few decades. Making it a scientific problem is a strawman meant to distract people from the reality of the political situation. A similar situation existed with COVID. We were told to follow the science but as the scientific evidence poured in it became clear that the policies didn’t match the data. The population was distracted and anyone questioning the policies was accused of questioning the science. The scientific community itself is of course silenced by the flow of money and prestige that the propaganda promotes.

It turns out that the only thing that the intelligence community is actually good at is suppressing intelligence in the general population and perhaps even in the political community. You become the thing that you do. A liar always becomes the lie that they tell. In this case that Russia is the populations enemy not the incompetent and corrupt establishment itself.

wolfhnd 8 Aug 31
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The BRICS alliance aligns with China. Which is communism. Any capitalistic country can easily out compete a communist country.


The difference between Putin and Trump is, Putin was trained by the KGB to be a killer. Trump, as a businessman, has only learned to kill competition. Watch out communist/socialist Democrat leaders!
In order to save yourself, better legislate against capital punishment while you can.


Poor Biden. I bet he has a hard time remembering his own name. He's no match for Putin.

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