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Hello. Ancient China was very different from modern-day China. They invented many things which led to many technologies that are available today. This link is for a school project, but it lists top 20 Chinese inventions.


It is refreshing to appreciate other countories' cultures without having political opinions on them.

Naomi Level 8 Dec 14, 2019

its crazy how over time a country can lose past knowledge their ancestors once had. I read about how ancient Chinese were the first to develop a working mechanical clock, (If I remember correctly). Then were amazed when the Europeans presented the similar technology generations later. Not knowing that their own people had already reached the same level of knowledge years before.

Makes one wonder how intelligent other ancient civilizations were compared to where we are currently..

@DesireNoDesires I'm glad to know that you're open-minded enough to look outside the West. Ancient India is also interesting - apparently, the concept of zero/nothing was developed by the ancient Indians.

@Naomi I don't necessarily acknowledge the divide between the east and west that most do. There seems to be no no benefit in doing so, it actually leaves us vulnerable to making mistakes that could be avoided having knowledge of the history of other civilizations making similar mstakes

@DesireNoDesires Agreed. When people are wrapped up in politics, they can only look at other countries through a political lens. There are many westerners who talk of Asia, Africa and the Middle East with contempt. It is the arrogance of the West that is evident, I dare say.

@Naomi this seems to be related

@DesireNoDesires You may be interested in this site. []
You can also follow it on FB. It tells how ancient civilisations thrived and eventually fell.

@Naomi "All seven of the states used the same tactics and observed the same rules of conduct in battle and so none could gain the advantage over the others."

I feel like this describes the never-ending wars we still currently see today, as though its the same disease which has been constantly spreading all over the world

@DesireNoDesires Bad karma.


They have no evidence that anyone came back and said guess what we found, there is a document from the first dynasty in china called "The Mountains of the South" that describes the mountain ranges from North America down to South America as viewed from the Pacific ocean.

KeVince Level 8 Dec 14, 2019

But...did they say "guess what we found"? Apparently that is the key, and I doubt they spoke English, sooo....🤷♂️ lol

@DesireNoDesires Another thing is the Chinese colonies that had kept them selves separate from the indunes tribes of South America, It tacks some digging but there is a lot of history that has been serprest to push the narrative of the endo ruropian as the master race shown by their great exploits. Most history is a falsified telling of stories to make the victor look good.

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