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How is everyone feeling about the election?

SydneyWatson 7 Nov 5
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TBH, it's mentally exhausting. Having to constantly yell at my phone whenever I see the MSM print a bold faced lie is getting tiring at this point. I read an article earlier today and they've already started to drop the pretense of being "fair and balanced" (like CNN so often claims to be). They're emboldened because they feel like victory is in their grasp and they know if things go their way, they'll be able to use section 230 to silence any voices of dissent. Coincidentally, here I am signed up with slug lol

The people who are floating in the air can think they've defeated gravity all they want until they hit the ground. You do not need to correct their lies. Just illustrate them to the people you love.


I think this just continues to expose the blatant lies from mainstream media. It's nothing but pure manipulation. Even if Trump doesn't win, this stuff needs to be exposed and more people need to attention


I wasn’t worried at first, and then I got a little worried, and now I’m just mad. This election has taught me a lot.



Wanted Trump to win, but hoping in the event he loses that Biden and Kamala will be blocked in their efforts. Grateful for this community for going through this time with me, though.


I keep finding voter fraud and idk what to do 😂 SO FRUSTRATING


Can't believe what they can get away with.

guru Level 9 Nov 5, 2020

Angry! The Democrats are stealing the election. It’s not a surprise. First, all of the blue state governors calling for mail-in ballots, even after the WHO said with social distancing and masks that incidental contact doesn’t spread SARS-2. Makes it easier to “miraculously “ find tens of thousands of ballots. Second, so many registered Republican poll watchers are turned away. Third, they told us they would by way of the fake news reporters who kept asking if the president would step down if he lost the election. There’s more, but I’ll finish with how the MSM is working so hard to make out that all of the discrepancies are nothing more then sour grapes. This from the people who advanced lies to undue the 20 election.


The American leftists choosing to elect a cognitively impaired elitist who is desperate to gleefully hand his country to the globalists is gross appropriation of my Canadian culture and I'm so angry over it that I may tut harshly and then apologize for the outburst.

Such rage 😂


Disappointed... Progressives need a monumental high profile setback to save the rest of us from their lunacy


I’m tired of it. At this point I don’t care who wins. Biden doesn’t have the senate majority so he virtually can’t get shit done. Which is great. Now we can all just sit back and watch him be him because he who is who he is.


I am very suspect about the election but not really surprised.


Somewhat exhausted


I hate it, yet I think it’s progressing the way it has to. I think Trump will take it to the courts. Drag vote certification out until December 15th, and the SCOTUS will have to get involved and calling for states to assign reps they can’t assign until certification. States will have to do that. There are two more Republican reps than Democrats and thus Trump will walk away with things.

Then the real interesting times begin. Portland will be like a walk in a breezy afternoon sunny park compared to the riot shit storm that will come after that.

Scenario 2 - (What happens if Trump can’t go the distance)
Biden gets the win. After a short time after swearing in, the more progressive elements of the Democrats supply dirt to the media that shows Joe’s collusion with Hunter. Media shit storm ensues. Biden gets disgraced and has to step down. Harris comes into the POTUS position looking like the golden savior of the party from the muck of the traditional Dems and helps crush the rest of them like Pelosi out of the party. We all end up under progressive rule.

Am I a ray of sunshine or what?!

The removal of Biden in the event he wins is a very real possibility. There's the example you gave with the collusion business, or the 25th amendment and citing his declining mental state, or even father time getting involved. All three of these result in a Harris presidency which is, to put it lightly, frightening. Think I need to stock up on liquor for this weekend oy....

@Jrockintx83 Yeah, there is the 25th amendment. I think it’s a bit of a non-starter though. Too much like a coup and leaves a bad taste in too many mouths. It also doesn’t help legitimate Harris’s presidency like a scandal does. I think the 25th is a last ditch nuclear option that even they don’t want to trigger.


Let's look at the numbers a little, shall we?

US Presidential Elections
Votes in Millions turnout %

2020 Trump Biden turnout
74 81 66%

2016 Trump Clinton turnout
63 66 56%

2012 Obama Romney turnout
66 61 55%

2008 Obama Mccain turnout
69.5 60 58%

2004 G.WBush Kerry turnout
62 59 57%

2000 G.WBush Gore turnout
50 51 51%

1996 Clinton Dole Perot turnout
49 40 8 49%

1992 Clinton Bush Perot turnout
45 39 20 55%

1988 Bush Dukakis turnout
49 42 50%

1984 Reagan Mondale turnout
55 38 53%

1980 Reagan Carter Anderson turnout
44 35.5 5.7 52.6%

1976 Carter Ford turnout
41 39 53%

Source: Wikipedia

Statistical Oddities:

  1. This last election voter turnout was 66%.
    In the previous 11 elections voter turnout never exceeded 58%
    Typical turnout was 53-57%. Yet this time turnout was 1/7
    or 14% greater than the typical rate. In an electorate as large
    as the US, that is a truly spectacular difference.

  2. 155 Million people supposedly voted this time, yet in the
    previous 3 elections, the number of voters never exceeded
    130 Million. 25 Million more votes over 130 is about 19%
    or 1/5 more, in an electorate this large that is a
    truly spectacular difference.

  3. The sitting president lost an election despite an
    increase of the number of votes from the election he won.
    That did not happen with Carter and the elder Bush.
    And the increase, 21% or 1/5, was significant at that.

  4. No winning candidate ever reached 70M votes in an
    election. Yet in this one both exceeded 70M and the winner
    was credited with a spectacular 81M votes.

In an electorate as large as the US, such phenomenon simply
do not happen. It is like a baseball team come from second
place to first by winning 48 out of the last 50 games
of the season. Sure, it can happen, but what is the likelihood
of this? If the last elections are authentic, we might as well
stop teaching Probability Theory in our universities.


Honestly I can't say I've bothered to follow it as there are other interests that draw my attention more completely... As such I don't hold any opinion on the matter, though I found Daisy Cousens' latest video discussing the Pennsylvania Senate Committee Hearing last week very interesting. I also find it laughable that the American mainstream media has been blatantly lying and misrepresenting the truth of the matter


I'm just mentally tired. I do my best to keep up with current politics while still dealing with school, and just want the media to take a break for awhile. There's been multiple reports of voter fraud, I've seen videos of republicans being asked to leave so the votes don't have the proper supervision from both sides, and accusations from both the left and the right are just getting louder and louder. I'm an independent, and vote for the candidate who I think has the best policies and consistency through their campaign and previous service. This entire engagement has just been a willful shit show. If Biden won, then Biden won, (though I don't agree with a lot of his platform) but there may be a chance through dishonest means that he "won". I read an article the other day saying this is just Republican grandstanding and a childish refusal to admit defeat....kind of like the Russian collusion accusations huh?

vixJRT Level 3 Nov 28, 2020

At this point, I am far more concerned with the Powell issue of Dominion/others having documented features for transferring votes between candidates. Until we get rid of that, we cannot be certain of any election result, on either side.

More than Trump pulling this out, we have to get rid of the electoral fraud happening.


Sickened to the core


Feeling a lot better now that I've seen this:


Disturbed as fuck. Having been born in a communist country and grown up hearing all the horror stories of what people had to live through...I dread what will happen if Biden wins. I think if the dems get away with their fraud, they will only be emboldened to push things further (as will many 'leaders' around the world). I can just imagine the future being a rainbow coloured concentration camp with citizen slaves being worked to death whilst trying to live of vegan soylent green...☹️

Tom81 Level 8 Nov 13, 2020

Election!!!!!......surely even a faithful democrate would feel a little concerned....the democratic party has now become the party of NO ideas other than to be the party of HATERS and LIARS..and its supporters are just USEFUL IDIOTS. yes TRUMP had his Flaws, but he got things done and the Media elites and the political elites who have NO intrest in the people, used the useful idiots...democrates are the party of useful idiots...because the Media/Political elites found them USEFUL!!!!!!...NOW people back in your BOXES and just do as your told....


I am upset because of the obvious cheating occurring in several states, especially in PA where I am ashamed to say where I was born and raised, but thankfully move to an honest state where the voting was completely on the up and up. Hopefully the courts will see this and make sure that everything in these states are done on the up and up and if Biden wins that way well so be it. If this clear fraud stands, then we have a choice to roll over and accept the socialist dictatorship or do something about it (without violence of course). As Padme said in Star Wars Revenge of the Sith "So this is how liberty dies, with thunderous applause".


I am slowly accepting the position of the "doomer". Is it weird to just want a reset button on the American government?

Oracle Level 2 Nov 6, 2020

It is what it is.

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