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This dude is my "Spirit Animal", rode a Triumph through the late '70's, oh tons of fun, good on Him
Serg97 comments on Dec 12, 2020:
My kind of MAN!!!!! I'll be past 75 by then, I'll ride with him!!!!!
TownHall: KurtSchlichter: Some people don't want the pandemic to end.
Serg97 comments on Mar 26, 2021:
Humans NEED a challenge, think about how civilization advances during trying times!!!
This is a Joke .
Serg97 comments on Sep 20, 2020:
THAT is one of the best things I have seen quite awhile, THANKS!!!!!!!!
Right Wing Extremism
Serg97 comments on Apr 17, 2021:
Damn, they are all WHITE, how dare they????
Warning! Dad joke! PINO MOREšŸ¤£
Serg97 comments on Mar 30, 2021:
I need a couple of bottles of that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My new creation
Serg97 comments on Apr 11, 2020:
WELCOME TO THE FUTURE!!! This is the America the LIBS want on a full time bases!!!!!!!!!!!!
Paul Joseph Watson: I guess 'Jihad' is now German for cultural enrichment... []
Serg97 comments on Sep 20, 2020:
THEY are coming to YOUR neighborhood!!! Are you ready??????
Something Strange Is Happening In Washington DC. [youtube.]
Serg97 comments on Jan 11, 2021:
I,ve been around for a lot of years, things being NORMAL in DC would be strange!!!!!!!!
twitter: The RCMP is getting weapons of war off Canadian streets! []
Serg97 comments on Apr 22, 2021:
This is what an assault weapon was in it's day!!! In todays world an AR-15 IS NOT an assault weapon!!! 100 years ago, a bolt action rifle was an assault weapon!!!! To bad LIBs do not, nor do they want to know, the facts or their history!!!!
Bwahaha. I really needed the laugh. Hope this cheers you up too.
Serg97 comments on Jan 28, 2021:
About as good advise as you can expect out of the HIGHEST PAID GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEE we have!!! Doubt me, check it out!!!!
Dr. Fauci's latest idea
Serg97 comments on Aug 1, 2020:
It would probably work as well as his other ideas!!!!
Warrant: Daunte Wright Accused of ‘Choking and Robbing Woman at Gunpoint’ ...
Serg97 comments on Apr 14, 2021:
The "rest of the story" that you will never hear on the MSM!!!! What a "good boy", what a loss to society!!! BS !!!!!!!!!!! I feel sorry for the officer, it was a MISTAKE that will ruin her and her family's life!!!!!
Wish I’d Wrote It...
Serg97 comments on Feb 18, 2021:
Every CEO or Boss should make a copy of this letter, because this time is coming for every corporation and business!!! Damn it is good to be retired, accept, I just got word that the Teachers State Retirement System wants to dip into my Retirement System, because the teachers failed to fully fund their own system!!! What a world we live in, the teachers want to teach our kids that the government will take care of any bills they run up (college cost), but I am responsible to take care of the teachers retirement???????? I guess the teachers actually believe "Every Thing is FREE"!!!!
Horror: Police say man shot and killed five-year-old neighbor for riding his bike into his yard ...
Serg97 comments on Aug 12, 2020:
Why isn,t this story head line news, because this suspect is black and the victim is white?????? What would happen if it was the other way around?????
Slavery payments extracted by force from people who never owned a slave given to people who never ...
Serg97 comments on Apr 4, 2019:
My Great Grand Father fought at Gettysburg (in blue), his brother (also in blue) was wound in that battle. What else does my family owe??? On another subject, Lincoln was elected with only 39% of the popular vote. Where would this discussion be if we did not have the Electoral College??????
I wonder if the reason we don't prosecute the liars the false me too the hoax is because everyone ...
Serg97 comments on Jul 26, 2019:
Lies that cost the American tax payer millions should be jailed for life at hard labor. Lies that effect those around you are your problem.
CityJournal: Another story about the NBA walkouts. Will the NBA boycott itself out if business?
Serg97 comments on Aug 30, 2020:
WE can always hope!!!
Serg97 comments on Mar 15, 2021:
TOO bad the LEFT can not look that hard at the presidential election!!!
Hey, Canadians
Serg97 comments on Apr 4, 2020:
Isn't it funny how it took this "pandemic" to get the populations of our countries, the USA and Canada, to find out who the real heroes are!!!!! Not sports stars that make $100,000's to millions for playing a game!! It IS and always has been the First Responders!!! Remember to say THANK YOU the next time you see one of them!!!!!!!
I’ll hold my breath...
Serg97 comments on Jan 23, 2021:
As I recall, the confederates (democraps) fired the fire shot that started that war!!!! Just saying!!!
Serg97 comments on Mar 15, 2021:
And who does Joe think will get to pay those increased corporate tax in the end???? Plus, WE get to pay higher personal taxes!!! I wonder if that $1400.00 check will cover the tax increases??????????? LOL, LOL!!!!!
The FBI took control of Hunter Biden’s laptop in December, 2019.
Serg97 comments on Oct 17, 2020:
I can not say if the FBI ever was any good, but I doubt it was ever better than most of the other Law Enforce groups in our history!!!! I believe the FBI's "reputation" was built by the Government (AKA The Swamp)!!! I have worked a few cases with the FBI, I was NEVER IMPRESSED!!!! At best, the FBI was as good as any local department, and not always that good!!! My team and I saved at least one major case for them, and if THEY got a conviction on another, the FBI had to LIE about evidence handling!!! I don't nor do I want to know the outcome of that case!!!! BYE the BYE the suspect in that case was as guilt as sin, so no loss!!!!!! What I am hearing and seeing now truly worries me!!!!!! You know, if I keep talking like this, I might not be on IDW much longer!!!!! Just saying!!!
Ya think so?
Serg97 comments on Apr 11, 2020:
The guys that wrote our Constitution saw this coming and addressed it their writings!! Now, all we have to do is hold our Politicians to the Oath they took when WE put THEM into office!!! (Good Luck with that)
Serg97 comments on Apr 15, 2020:
Maybe a RECALL is in order!!!!!
With so many people out there, especially our so called political leaders, many wishing to be the ...
Serg97 comments on Aug 6, 2019:
I have a pretty good idea of how little the "leaders" know, and I question everything they come up with. Just listen to some of the "NEWS" reports about the recent shootings, "a high caliber magazine" kind of hit me.
Dollar Collapse Coming
Serg97 comments on Jun 19, 2020:
Why would this surprise anyone???????????????? Most of the population of this country (USA), does not realize that OUR money is ONLY backed by a PROMISE!!! Also, it is manufactured by a private organization called the "Federal Reserve"!!!! It you don't believe, read what is at the top of your paper money!!!!! Until 1923, YOU WOULD FINE THE WORDS, SILVER OR GOLD IN THE TOP LINE ON YOUR BILLS!!!!! Recently, Our Government has decided to put a few EXTRA few TRILLION dollars into circulation!!!!!! So, look at it this way!!!! If say, GM decided to manufacture an extra Trillion cars, what do you think the value of the cars on dealer's lots would do???????
HISTORY IS A BITCH In 2020 Nancy Pelosi puts forward a House Resolution that Removes ANY Symbol, ...
Serg97 comments on Mar 15, 2021:
Does removal include the Democratic Party!!! Do you know YOUR history?????? PS. the current president is against blacks, the DEMs just keep it covered up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"You can't squeeze blood from a stone!" Democrats: "Challenge accepted." ([]
Serg97 comments on Mar 27, 2021:
Joe is making it obvious that he has never lived anywhere away from the coast!!! He has NO IDEA about life in 90% of this nation!!!!! And He and his kind think they know how to run this country????
The Covid-19 shutdown must end.
Serg97 comments on Apr 16, 2020:
If this country DOES NOT get back to work on or before 05-01-2020!! The Great Depression will look like a CAKE WALK!!!! It already may be to late!!!!!
I love my Corps, but... []
Serg97 comments on Aug 4, 2019:
I believe that in the past, when the Generals, Admirals, etc, ran the military, there were no mixed sex units. That old attitude, as antiquated as it is, might reduce the number of these incidents. But, I am just an old guy, what do I know. With the current environment in society, who knows, since a percentage of people that can not determine their own sex, it's all up in the air!!!!!!LOL Don't get me wrong, this girl was damaged, but there are ways to reduce these incidents. I have five daughters, I am on her side!
Boss Pays Off His Employee’s Mortgage So the Vietnam Vet Can Finally Retire ...
Serg97 comments on Nov 27, 2019:
COOL, I am 72 and still working, I gave retirement a try several years ago. It was not my thing!!!!
[] Jeff Bezos Is Now Worth a Whopping $200 Billion
Serg97 comments on Aug 29, 2020:
Another Billionaire that thinks he knows what is good for you!!!! These guys are obviously great business men, but THEY do not know what is good for other individuals!!! THEY could and probably do not want to understand the way WE want to live!!!!!! Maybe, professional athletes should stick to playing ball and keep their mouths shut and business men should stick to doing business and stop trying to control their customers!!!
Cuomo destroys two Dem talking points against Trump about WHO and the Defense Production Act- ...
Serg97 comments on Apr 12, 2020:
Cuomo seems to be getting as much air time as Trump!! I am betting, he is trying to get DRAFTED at the convention to replace Biden!! All of his latest talking points seem to be headed for the middle of the road, in preparation for debating Trump!!
Mikhaila Peterson Says We Need To Get Back To Work, and the Country Should Likely Not Have Been Shut...
Serg97 comments on Apr 16, 2020:
You are EXACTLY RIGHT, and that is from someone that is HIGH RISK, 70+, one lung, artificial parts in the heart, etc. America get back to work, I sure want to!!!!
Drug addiction was cured by smoking dried toad secretions.
Serg97 comments on Jun 13, 2020:
My father always told me that the best way to end the drug problem is to "OUTLAW WELFARE", you don't work you don't eat, end of problem!!!!!
NTD News | Dems: Trump Conviction Unlikely; 6 State AGs Warn Biden; Fmr CBP Official: End Wall to ...
Serg97 comments on Jan 28, 2021:
I am starting to think this is all about "Distracting" US from something TRULY terrible that is already on the back burner!!!!
More vaccinations = More incidences and deaths? Example Seychelles – Telegraph
Serg97 comments on Apr 13, 2021:
I begin to wonder which will kill you first, the disease or the cure!!!! I will stay with Natural Immunization ie: having the "KUNG-FLU, like i did, or the "JAB"!!! I'll pass on the jab!!!!!!
Mark Levin Says Open Up the Economy You Bunch Of Dummies.
Serg97 comments on Apr 4, 2020:
As usual, Mark has it right!! The last time the Economy tanked, big time, was 1929!! Check your history about what happened over the following 25 years (not thousands dead, MULTI-MILLIONS DEAD)
Great visual
Serg97 comments on Apr 11, 2020:
This is not going to be pretty!!!!!! LOL!!!!
President tells Democratic congressional leaders that he won't work with them on legislation while ...
Serg97 comments on May 22, 2019:
Finally, a President with B-lls (I know, someone else said it first) LOL
TownHall: Kurt Schlichter: Real Warriors, not Social Justice Warriors.
Serg97 comments on Dec 24, 2020:
SO, right on, Just had this discussion 2 days ago!!!
Child miners aged four living a hell on Earth so YOU can drive an electric car: Awful human cost in ...
Serg97 comments on Dec 1, 2019:
More LIB BS. Climate change is real, but not caused solely by HUMANS!!! In fact less than 10% are human caused!! If you want to go back to living in caves (after wiping out 90% of the earths human population) you MIGHT have a small effect on "Climate Change"!!!! "Climate Chance" is just another LIB control tactic!!!! Check out the cost vs saving of Wind Power, another BS story!!!! Bottom line, someone always pays for LIB BS!!! These kids understand that!!!
Fetilizer and other... []
Serg97 comments on Mar 30, 2021:
This is the BASE LINE, increased cost here are just the beginning, each step in the process with increase the cost by TWO to THREE times!!! YOU as the end consumer are SCREWED!!!!! Bend over, here it comes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND, OH you can THANK the DEMs/LIBs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DONE THINK THE GOVERNMENT WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU, WHERE DO YOU THINK THEY GET THE MONEY????????????
Declassified: Is There a Massive Cover-up in China?
Serg97 comments on Apr 4, 2020:
I have never trusted any information coming out of a communist government!! And, anymore I don't trust the information coming from ANY government!!!!!!!!!!!
The utter hypocrisy of the left
Serg97 comments on Jul 10, 2019:
And to think the DEMS wanted a WALL just 10 years ago?????
The story of my life ...
Serg97 comments on Jun 13, 2020:
Sounds about how most of my days go!!!!!! I Understand!!!!
Bill Gates - who was this &@! globalist asshole before Microsoft? - YouTube
Serg97 comments on Jun 22, 2020:
A rich kid that never thought that he should have to follow the rules, he may have been right, so far!!!!!
Is "Orwellian" the new black?
Serg97 comments on Jan 10, 2021:
The problem is that it appears that we are the ones who will live with it!!! Thanks, George!!!
those democrats that voted should be very up set!
Serg97 comments on Jan 24, 2021:
You do realize that the only businesses that will re-open are the ones "THEY" choose to allow to re-open, right!!!
Equality Acts and Hate Crimes.
Serg97 comments on Dec 19, 2019:
Sodom and Gomorrah??????????????????????????????
Not saying I agree with every point made, but thought this was an interesting read.
Serg97 comments on Mar 30, 2020:
This goes back to an old saying, the scariest words in the english language are, "We are from the Government and we are here to help"!!!!!
Trying to sell a boy from Mexico []
Serg97 comments on Aug 2, 2019:
What did you expect?????? If you told the illegals that they could stay if they elephant across the border, we would have an excess of elephants and they eat a lot of hay!! The illegals will buy, borrow, or steal what ever they need to stay!!!
I'm So Confused!
Serg97 comments on Jun 13, 2020:
Another example of equality and fairness do NOT go hand in hand!!!!!!!
Yep put one on every orifice
Serg97 comments on Jan 28, 2021:
Again, I'll take TWO!!!!!!!
Something non political...Or is it ?
Serg97 comments on Jul 25, 2020:
I have told the three, maybe four, generations I leave behind ,"If I leave anything but a stack of Bills 4 inches thick, I did not live long enough"!!!!!!!!!
China or the US: Who Will Lead Us Through the Twenty-First Century?[]
Serg97 comments on Dec 1, 2019:
As long as we allow China to continue to steal our intellectual knowledge, we will continue to fall behind!!!!!! It is always easier and cheaper to develop new ideas and technology with SLAVE labor!!!!!!!!
WorldNetDaily: GA open records request proves no chain of custody for over 400,000 ballots.
Serg97 comments on Mar 7, 2021:
Wait for 2022 and 2024, IMHO, it will get worse!!!!!
Migrant children’s camp at 729% capacity Biden’s border policy is abysmal []
Serg97 comments on Mar 13, 2021:
Just another Biden "POLICY" gone bad, imagine that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Went will they learn???????????????
corruption must run deep
Serg97 comments on Oct 25, 2020:
It proves one thing, the one we have suspected for quite a while, The FBI is as corrupt as the BIDENS!!!!
Serg97 comments on Apr 4, 2020:
Hunger strike sounds good, but about 50% of the Hollywood females are already there!!!
Now, THERE'S an invitation to "convert" that I am certain you ladies MUST struggle to resist.
Serg97 comments on Aug 18, 2019:
The Religion of Peace, REALLY!!!
Mayor who blasted cop over armed citizen pic sees home vandalized by rioters- []
Serg97 comments on Jun 19, 2020:
And Olympia is the Capital of the state of WASHINGTON!!!!! Why is this surprising, JUSTICE SERVICED UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just wish my kids would get the HELL out of that state!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What will you tell your grandkids
Serg97 comments on Jun 22, 2020:
I don't have to tell them anything, they know where I stand, and on which side of right/wrong, left/right, blue/red, or any other divide man makes up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cop Threatened To 'Shoot' Mayor If She Defunded Department
Serg97 comments on Jan 1, 2021:
And the outcome?????????????????????????? Has the officer been fired??? It usually takes a lot less to terminate!!! A good friend was fired, after 40 years on the department, for saying, "some lives spatter", in reference to rioters being run over on the freeway!!!!!
The Obama-Biden Libya Debacle Is Still On Going, this is what can happen when you let delusional ...
Serg97 comments on Jan 24, 2021:
Tell your sons and grandsons to get ready for war like the world has NEVER seen!!!!!
Why Mozambique Is Outsourcing Counter-Insurgency to Russia: Hidden Loans and Naval Bases ...
Serg97 comments on Dec 1, 2019:
If we (the USA) doesn't start paying attention (Russia and China) will take control of the third world!!!!!! WAKE UP!!!!
Teachers are using our kids for their activism - YouTube
Serg97 comments on Apr 4, 2019:
Using the kids has been going on for a long time. Look at Germany in the 1930's. The USA has the same problem. There is a reason the LIBs want 16 yoa to vote!! Good Luck Julie, stick to your guns. Sorry, you live Canada, you don't have guns.
Wearing the flag of submission, aka face mask for long periods of time can cause Bacterial Pnumonia.
Serg97 comments on Oct 25, 2020:
Nothing new here, Fauci just confirmed what I have been saying since FEB!!!!!
Seems Legit... []
Serg97 comments on Apr 13, 2020:
The only problem here is that it may come to pass!!!
time to see arrests
Serg97 comments on May 17, 2021:
Don't holed your breath!!!
A sign of the times.
Serg97 comments on Dec 27, 2020:
Wouldn't want to get sued!!! You have to protect EVERYONE!!!!!
Like Barack said. "I can do more after the election".
Serg97 comments on Jan 2, 2021:
VERY scary thought!!! But, sometimes he tells the truth!!!!
Made in China.
Serg97 comments on Jan 10, 2021:
About says it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was fun while it lasted!!!
Biden indicates plans to cancel Keystone XL pipeline permit on first day in office, sources confirm...
Serg97 comments on Jan 17, 2021:
That way we can start buying our oil for our enemies again, and make them richer!!!! Great idea Joe, just like your other plans!!!!!
If Coronavirus so deadly, why then are the homeless encampments across the globe not wiped out?
Serg97 comments on Jul 11, 2020:
Has anyone considered that the FILTH most of these people CHOOSE to live in gives them an immune system that we would wish to have!!!! As a child, I don't remember "my" world being as clean as this country is today!!! Maybe the "good old days" were good for a reason!!!!!!!!!
Portraits of the Kurdish Struggle
Serg97 comments on Dec 11, 2019:
The Kurds have lived in s--t hole for a very long time! I do feel sorry for them, arms and training ok, American lives NO!!!! I wish them good luck and God speed!!!
An oldie, but oh so correct!!!
Serg97 comments on Aug 22, 2020:
I'll take the republican!!!
Justice John Roberts served the Reagan administration, then the administration of Bush senior under ...
Serg97 comments on Dec 19, 2020:
ROBERTS has alway been a "Swamp Rat", he just proved it again!!!!!!
VDH: Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact made WWII inevitable []
Serg97 comments on Aug 18, 2019:
A good history lesson. One that most Americans have forgot and the last couple of generations have never heard!! PEACE THROUGH STRENGTH, a proven fact!!!! The only problem is every few generations forget and/or are never taught. I think we are there again!!!! Scary!!
Nearly 3 out of 4 DC police officers ready to leave the force: Washington police union poll ...
Serg97 comments on Jun 19, 2020:
Funny, when I visited DC as a tourist I happened to talk to a DC police officer (officer to officer)!! I asked him if he lived in DC, he said, "NO ONE THAT WORKS LIVES IN DC"!!!
What are the long-term consequences of this?
Serg97 comments on Feb 1, 2021:
Why do you think FDR took us off the Gold Standard??? Answer, so he could print more money!!! You ask "where is the money coming from"!!! Answer, the printing press!!!! The number depends on how much the Government want to spend!!!! Think of it this way, If you have twenty ears of corn and twenty people that want your corn!!! What value does your corn have??? If you have a million ears of corn and the same 20 people want your corn, what value does your corn have now???? This is why a new pickup truck now cost $60,000, and 60 years ago a new pickup truck cost about $2000!! The dollar has no real value today, there are to many of them around, and now THEY are going to print more!!! What do you think is going to happen???????????? Answer, DEPRESSION!!!! ARE YOU READY?????????????????????????????????
An Indiana county has completely banned book sales.
Serg97 comments on Mar 30, 2020:
They are going through the "Bill of Rights" rather quickly!!!!!!!!!!
Hillary Effect?
Serg97 comments on Oct 25, 2020:
Says a lot about "H"!!!, but no surprise!!! It's hard to sleep with one eye open all the time, right Bill???
Pro-choice girl steals Pro-lifers sign, gets arrested
Serg97 comments on Jun 1, 2019:
If you take someones property without permission, that is theft in some degree. For some reason Lib's don't think the laws apply to them when they are trying to get their way. Look at 'Antifa". Antifa likes to wear mask, which is illegal in public areas (except Halloween) in most places.
Is Biden federalizing police? []
Serg97 comments on May 16, 2021:
Let's see, Federalizing Police, Federalizing Voting, I wonder want the plan is???????
Ahhhhhh fuck it.
Serg97 comments on May 21, 2020:
Do we get to call the LIB politicians that are imposing this BS "KAREN" also???????????
Serg97 comments on Jun 19, 2020:
To bad they don't have a Second Amendment!!!!!!!!!!!!!
this is footage of the attempt to get to victims of a shotting in CHAZ []
Serg97 comments on Jun 23, 2020:
It is about time that the OFFICERS tell their "LIB leaders" to "F" off and solve this S--T, Or the County Sheriff should step in and take control of this S--T!!!!!!! OH, I (ALMOST) forgot that he current SHERIFF of King County, literally, doesn't have balls either!!!!!!!
i am sure there are many more billionaire and trillionaire's to add to this sickness
Serg97 comments on Feb 3, 2021:
LOOKS pretty close to RIGHT ON!!!!!! And look where we are on this chart!!!! ONE MORE STEP, which it looks like WE are about to take!!!!
Virginia Senator issues warning for Monday rally...
Serg97 comments on Jan 19, 2020:
My advise to people attending this rally: If you take a weapon, keep the chamber and mag EMPTY. Be prepared to quickly arm the weapon, loaded mag or ammo, not in the weapon! Video everything around you particularly any Media types. Take care of trouble makers yourselves, quickly!!!!!! Good Luck!!!!
Serg97 comments on Dec 17, 2019:
I have stood in one of those lines (the one with the guys in the yellow coats). We had LONGER, HARDER STICKS, we did not arrest them, we left them where they dropped!!!! Of course, that was almost 50 years ago!!!!
Russian doctor murders, dismembers and cooks transgender woman
Serg97 comments on Mar 14, 2021:
I guess that is one way to get rid of THEM!!!!!!!!!!
The USA is systematically RACIST!!!
Serg97 comments on Mar 27, 2021:
I my line of work, I found the Nigerians to be the best Con Men I ever dealt with, could be one of the reasons!!!!!!
yea i know but i still had to put it under conspiracy for the liberals in the crowd
Serg97 comments on Apr 14, 2021:
Not a Conspiracy, facts, but facts that scare the SH-T out of a large portion of the population!!! We could also throw in Common Sense!!!
Tony Heller: Joe Biden Finally Tells The Truth Biden: “We have put together the most extensive ...
Serg97 comments on Oct 25, 2020:
Do you think the MSM will ever play this video?????????
Good News on the “Trade War” Front.
Serg97 comments on May 23, 2019:
It is very simple, if the Chinese can not sell their stuff to the USA, who will they sell it to? The EU, Russia, South America, ETC??? The people of China have lived under Communism for decades and can not afford a "pot to piss in".
America is aging, but the Dems are chasing the youth vote []
Serg97 comments on Jun 22, 2019:
Nothing new, the DEMs seldom get anything RIGHT!!!!! lol
Serg97 comments on Dec 27, 2020:
Notice how little talk you hear about the "Micro MIni Chip", since the vaccine has been released for use??? You may not need a "Vaccine Passport" to travel!!! Talk about conspiracy theory!!!!!!!!!!
This is a list prepared and published by Qanon Posts.
Serg97 comments on Jul 16, 2020:
Maybe a list of WHO went to THE ISLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Is the Senate so “woke,” they’ll actually confirm this person as HHS secretary?
Serg97 comments on Feb 23, 2021:
Get use to it, this is what we are going to get for the next four years, keep in mind it will get worse when CAMALA takes over!!!!

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