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Jesus H. Christ. Just when you though Hollywood cannot possibly become more pathetic, hypocritical and just plain stupid, there is a whole new underground garage of celebrities to prove you wrong. Dear Lord. Make it go away.

Hollywood Celebs Get Naked For Votes

"You can’t shame or humiliate modern celebrities. What used to be called shame and humiliation is now called publicity." P. J. O’Rourke

Krunoslav 9 Oct 8
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I am naked now


PornHub. (You don't have to vote demoncrap)


They see a problem and they use the tool in their toolbox to fix said problem.
"We can fix the complicated problem!? [Flashes boobs] "The world is now more righteous."

They've grown up in the Hollywood bubble. We get to see how a patriarchal, misogynist, female objectifying system would operate in the real world.


so just the ugly irrelevant celebs got naked ? I'm disappointed..


For everyone who thinks ill of this, send me your address so I can send you some pearls for you to clutch and a couch for you to faint on when you get the vapors.

Free stuff!


Remember when Melania Trump was a nude model? And Trump fucked a porn star while his wife was at home with their newborn.

No. But I remember when TDS was not a thing? Glorious times.

@Krunoslav probably because everyone was rabid with ODS.


In one of the last "Women's Day" marches Madonna, and Ashley Judd were on stage offering to perform sexual acts to any man who voted for Hillary Clinton, and were advising other women do the same. So this idiocy comes as no surprise. When I think about those Women Day marches being cancelled my BLM I always have a good laugh.

Damn. I should donate $200 to feminists. Maybe one day they find the cure.


The southpaws are desperate to salvage their support for universal mail-in ballots.

Whatever the reason, its pathetic. I've seen more dignity from a $2 professional streetwalker. Someone should just flush Hollyweird away and start over. lol

@Krunoslav, Yup. Just stop watching their productions. I bet you will realize that you don’t miss ‘em.

Raising millions doing it though. 😉

@TimTuolomne Yeah. It seems that Hollywood will not survive the whole lock-down, closing of cinemas, and garbage productions, but there is always career on OnlyFans for people with zero dignity. And sadly there is so many desperate losers who will pay for it. Eventually the whole thing will collapse, because you cannot be self destructive on this order of magnitude and survive as a culture. It all has to go down. Will see what rises from the ashes.

Personally I barely watch anything past 2000's coming out of Hollywood. I mourn the past when quality was the stick for measurement of films, not "diversity and inclusion". There are trually great human achievements that were made in 20th century that should be made in 21st century as well, but won't. In the last two decades there is barely few movie titles worth anything.

Hollywood was once a powerful cultural beacon, where both innovation and social commentary was based on attempt to improve technologically and creatively, as well as entertain. In the process it had enormous impact on culture not just in America but wherever it was exported. Now its a trash can. I feel Western Civilization has lost something that had value to it. Just like Italians don't make Religious Paintings anymore like they did in Renaissance. Shame. But I suppose, all has to come to an end, sometime. Maybe China will bring something to the table in the future. Or Japan. Their Renaissance just like how Hollywood was for America once.

Now its just a vehicle for garbage ideology where quality and competition among filmmakers is seen as a threat, and everyone gets a participation prize per postmodernist theory. Hollywood was never beacon of moral virtue but at least it was competitive and managed to produce some of the greatest artistic achievements in 20th century.

Now its a depraved place, full of pedophiles. A human cesspool of morally and spiritually bankrupt, desperate for attention amateur porn actors and self righteous celebrities that seem to have only talent for self embarrassment and even greater talent for not realizing how pathetic it looks to people outside of their own ideological bubble.

There is enough desperados out there for these people to keep making money by going into porn or something like that. But what is really sad is loss of potential once Hollywood represented. I guess it is what it is. Will have to look to towards the East in hope something takes its place.

@TheMiddleWay Indeed they do. Sad commentary on the culture as we know it today.

Only sad for those that think nudity is not a valid part of culture.

@TheMiddleWay Why am I not surprised you don't know the difference.

This is not about nudity, is about cheap way to get attention at any cost for stupid causes. This is not culture, this is California.

Los Angeles, a place where you might see a woman with $15,000 tits, a face frozen in place by Botox, wobbling with her $4,000 Gucci bag right past a homeless junkie throwing his own Feces at the police patrol car. I don't call that culture, I call that failed state. Thank you very much.

The difference between Los Angeles and yoghurt is that yoghurt has an active, living culture. Los Angeles has homeless junkies, corrupt politicians, and dumb ass celebrities where once mighty Hollywood, is now sadly a place where once proud film making, goes to die in America. Because acting, like prostitution is being ruined by amateurs.

You, in Croatia, think drawing attention to getting people to vote in the USA is a stupid cause.
Well we, in the USA, respectfully disagree.
We think voting is just about the most important thing we can do for our country in the USA.

@TheMiddleWay Who is we I wonder.

Every American you ask...right, left, con, lib, black, white, rich, poor... will tell you getting people to vote is not a stupid cause
Test it out on this site.
Ask around.
Do the research.
Change your mind.

@TheMiddleWay Jeez. I am calling out morally bankrupt celebrities striping for attention, asking people to vote for Marxists. And you don't see a problem with that.

God bless you.

@TheMiddleWay If the purpose were to encourage voting, I would applaud. Their purpose is to legitimize the mail-in voting system, and prevent the disqualification of leftist votes.

Even the president is now ok with mail-in voting so I'm not sure what the problem is

And of course leftist votes shouldn't be disqualified just because they were sent in by the mail. If that were the case, then rightist votes sent through the mail (which would include a good number of all our overseas military) should also be disqualified.

@pbuck0145, @Krunoslav
Except they aren't calling out to vote for Marxists or fascists or anyone.
The video you posted is completely devoid of any political suggestion of whom you should vote for.

@TheMiddleWay Really? They are saying Trump right? Man, how do you survive in adult world?

Hint. Its a rhetorical question.

Their site is completely devoid of political inclination.

And the reason for naked is why, Krun? Do you know the reason for getting naked in the first place? Do some research and find out before you think it's just about getting attention. 😉


They are saying Trump right?

Not mentioned once in the video. Neither is Biden.

Man, how do you survive in adult world?

Easy. I think before I speak.

@TheMiddleWay I refuse to have a battle of wits with an unarmed man. It just does not seem fair.

I give up. You win. lol

Friendly advice: Next time, watch the full video before you comment on it. 😉

@TheMiddleWay Friendly advice: next time, try to keep up with the culture war. You are about 50 years and 100 IQ points behind. Wink, wink.

Just a friendly advice. 🙂


You're very observant.

@Triumph Thank you.

WOE!!!!! Hold off pickin on us South paws......sure I am generally left handed but I shoot right handed as well as throw and a few other things right handed....wait. That was just a comment on their politics huh? Sorry about that. Please carry on. Been a little sensitive about the left handed thing since grade school. They used to make a big deal about it.


Well now...that was...interesting.

govols Level 8 Oct 8, 2020

Brilliant marketing.


Love the dedication (and skin!) they show for their cause!

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