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I admire Trump for sitting down for NBC’s hit job. He’s remarkably well versed, in command of the facts and making a case for himself. But Guthrie is coming at him like a rabid dog, hitting him with every leftist talking point. If you want a textbook example of how our media has turned into the Democrat’s propaganda arm she just provided it.

Edgework 8 Oct 15
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Rabid NBC LEFTIST bitch!
Trump managed to hold her hysteria and get her to openly show her hate for him.
He won, hands down even though it was a hit job!

Rick-A Level 7 Oct 15, 2020

Trump needs to learn how to focus and needs better debate prep.

I thought he parried her thrusts fairly well. She was all hostility, and it made it difficult for her to pretend she wasn’t there as a stsnd-in for Biden. But she came off worse than Chris Wallace, in a setting where a neutral moderator was even more important.

@Edgework She was much worse than Wallace. To me sounded completely unprepared for questions about Covid, Q Anon, his taxes, and the white supremacy nonsense.


Trump is a really great man, he gets a little tricky to follow but gaud damn it he’s a hell of a lot better than anything else out and he is fearless!

Rick-A Level 7 Oct 15, 2020

President Trump seems to have no fear.

The difference between confidence and arrogance...

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