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Parler leak - they've mapped the location of every parler user.


Amazing that parler was this insecure - there are a LOT more of the users details out there than this.

Shame these "free speech" sites are always so insecure and faulty eh?

bastion 7 Jan 13
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@bastion, I am noticing how giddy you seem to be with all these things. I thank you for putting it all out there. Your attitude is of a particular temperament and I am no longer reading anything you post or comment to. In light of that, don't bother answering questions I've asked you earlier this morning. Enjoy playing with everyone here. I choose not to play.

That's nice dear.


Your arrogance totally blinds you from understanding the actual facts of the situation.

The group "ArchiveTeam" wrote a python script (which you can still find if you learn to do research) that makes use of the API designed for the Parler App. The data collected by this script was publicly available to anyone logged in to Parler, and was effectively no different than what does with archiving web sites.

I know where the script is and even downloaded a copy to examine what it does. I also know where the data dumps are stored and what's in them.

You can feel proud about the script kiddies who are jumping on the bandwagon boasting of having done some mighty hack on a conservative platform, but Google still has you beat with their GoogleBot and web indexing system.

Once an amateur, always an amateur bastion.


Do you mean unsecure by chance?


"Parler's cardinal security sin is known as an insecure direct object reference"


If this is real, their geolocation is about a mile off.

try googling parler leaks if you are doubting.

Hello Dave. It doesn't look like fake news on this occasion; it's hard to find evidence to show that this is fake news right now.

A hacker from Austria has revealed a massive data leak in Parler LLC, a social media platform favoured by many supporters of US President Donald Trump.



This news is all over the Internet, reported by many sources.


Bummer; I'm not on the map.

govols Level 8 Jan 13, 2021

Neither am I, and I was on Parler for a long time.


Now that I know more about the data, I wouldn't be among it. I'm not sure I've ever made a post on Parler. Maybe an auto post when I first made the account.

@govols I did make posts on Parler -- quite a few of them. I followed people, commented on their posts, had followers of my own, made my own posts, and had comments on them.


And what are you going to do about it? Nothing I bet. If it involves stepping out of the basement, and more than just posting trash on the net, you won't do a thing.

Tom81 Level 7 Jan 13, 2021

What? You are incoherent.

I think it's funny parler has been hacked, that's it.

Feel free to screech at me about it lol


It looks like Kyle put a lot of work into his map. It’s a really nice fake! 😉

lol sure


@WorldSigh, @bastion

Parler's cardinal security sin is known as an insecure direct object reference, says Kenneth White, codirector of the Open Crypto Audit Project, who looked at the code of the download tool @donk_enby posted online. An IDOR occurs when a hacker can simply guess the pattern an application uses to refer to its stored data. In this case, the posts on Parler were simply listed in chronological order: Increase a value in a Parler post url by one, and you'd get the next post that appeared on the site. Parler also doesn't require authentication to view public posts and doesn't use any sort of "rate limiting" that would cut off anyone accessing too many posts too quickly. Together with the IDOR issue, that meant that any hacker could write a simple script to reach out to Parler's web server and enumerate and download every message, photo, and video in the order they were posted.

It sounds frightening.

@Naomi The guys on here simply deny this happened, as it would be a loss for them, so they pretend it's not real.


A main hacker of Parler documented the data dump on Twitter.

The main hacker, Twitter user @donk_enby, began by archiving every post from Jan. 6, 2020, the day of the Capitol riot. Gizmodo reported, “Operating on little sleep, @donk_enby began the work of archiving all of Parler’s posts, ultimately capturing around 99 percent of its content...@donk_enby said she was crawling some 1.1 million Parler video URLs.”

The hacker soon crowdsourced her work to help download data faster.

So, how did this hacker get all the information in the first place? Parler’s process of “deleting” users' posts helped a lot. According to Vice, like most online apps and services, Parler didn’t actually delete user posts. Instead, they marked them as unviewable and omitted them from search results. Similar to when you make a YouTube video “Unlisted.”

"I am now crawling URLs of all videos uploaded to Parler. Sequentially from latest to oldest. VIDXXX.txt files coming up, 50k chunks, there will be 1.1M URLs total: <a href="";" rel="nofollow noopener noreferrer" target="_blank" class="forumlink">[];*



On this occasion, it doesn't look like fake news.

@Naomi Yeah of course, but they'll deny anything as long as it makes them feel better.

The decoupling from reality is only going to get worse I think.

@bastion What a crazy situation America is in!


I don't like it, but all it's really doing is looking at all of the public posts in the order in which they went up on parler. It's just doing it really fast, and for specifically "pro-Trump" or "pro-protest" content and any photographic and video evidence related to the "mostly peaceful protest" at the capital.

Fun stuff. What's scary is what sort of crap will come of the new "Patriot Act" sorts of legislation the Democrats will pass with the protest as their cover story. We're about to get the "social credit score" to go with our "vaccine passports." We're about to reinstitute the practice of ostracism, and aim it at political undesirables. I almost like it. I think I'm becoming an accelerationist,

Hello govols,

"I'm becoming an accelerationist." Lol! I like it. As long as your personal life including your family and business are safe; that's the bottom line for ordinary citizens like us.


Post links until your fingers bleed. It won’t change the fact that numerous Parler members are NOT displayed on your cute little map! 🤡🤡🤡

@WorldSigh sure ok lol

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