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I'm curious how many here are neither republican nor democrat. I'll admit to supporting Trump for reelection, but that was the first vote I've cast for a nominee of either major US party. Going forward I probably won't vote for either party's candidates, unless it's someone with a record of support for working and middle class normal people, and against the current merger of corporate, political, and bureaucratic power into the hands of the a fascist global ruling class.

I think we really need to begin--or continue--working on and in our local communities, building relationships we can rely on when difficulties arise. They will, in abundance. None of us have any power to "change the world" but each of us can make changes to the world we experience locally. Alternative social media is for people other than me to build, but I think I'm gonna spend 2021 trying to work on my own local reality and let the media and the larger world and society deal with it own crap until it looks directly at me.

Has your willingness to support the major parties taken a hit? How about your passion or apathy toward political involvement?

govols 8 Jan 13
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According to the political compass test, I am an Attack Helicopter! I shall vote accordingly!

Love πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š


I was Libertarian for 24 years, until it became clear that the Party had moved on from being actual libertarians. Now I'm just independent.

My experience with the Big Two is one of tribalism. Because I'm not a Democrat, I can only be a NazI as far as the Left is concerned, and because I'm not Republican, I can only be a Communist to the Right. That is, both sides espouse the narrative that - because I am not part of their tribe - I must therefore represent the personification of everything they loathe. No middle ground; no shades of grey.

Here on Slug alone, I've already experienced this; if you ask questions, or express doubts or dissent - basically anything other than enthusiastic agreement - there are members here who immediately denounce you as "the enemy," from BOTH sides.

I get the same sometimes but most times its not like that. Tribalism is definitely a problem and then, at the same time, I find myself wishing I had a tribe. You just got to push through it, I think, and keep value integrity. At some point, people do come around.

@MichelleD @Alysandir All of us who consider the left-right paradigm to be wholly embodying the problems this country faces, if you added us up, despite minor disagreements on specific policy, would SO outnumber the solely extreme lefties or righties that it wouldn't a fair 'fight'.

And that's part of the reason for all the vitriol. You can put two people in a room together, who agree on 99% of the issues, and when they get to the one point they disagree on, they will tear each other a new one and storm off to either the right or left, which they disagree with 50% of, because they have more 'unity' with them. The Internet was made to confuse, confound and discombobulate us all into extreme hatred for anything 'outside the box'.

We need better answers than continuing down this Internet hole.


I am a republican, but I am reconsidering my party affiliation. If the republicans are going to be the party of slightly slower surrender to totalitarianism, then I'm in the wrong party.

That's exactly how I see them. In our "classically liberal" worldview, a conservative is just an future apologist for the advances made by progressives toward hell on earth.

@govols The party notables and officeholders may be hoping (subconsciously) to be allowed to be the tiny opposition that is allowed to continue with their lives in-tact to show that it's not a dictatorship. In the old eastern bloc, they had elections too, and a few percent of people would vote against the party. This was propagandized as there still being freedom in those countries.


I am a member of a third party, I don’t think I have ever voted for a Democrat but I have voted for many third party candidates. I research each candidate individually and vote for the candidate that holds the best policies, with a few categories weighted much heavier then other policy categories. Even though I was 99% certain that I was voting for trump this election I still took the time to look at the policies of the other ~20 presidential candidates.


My voter registration card says I'm Independent but it just means I am blocked from voting on a lot. I fully back what trump has been fighting for. It's my fight too.


I do not identify as Democrat or Republican, and I have voted for both parties for president. I only actually just registered as a Democrat this past year to be able to vote in the primaries. I never blindly vote for a full ticket - I always research every person on the ballot and pick who I think best represents my policies. However, I do more often than not see myself siding with Democrat candidates, as many Republicans have latched heavily onto the identity politics of Christianity, anti-abortion, and LGBT discrimination.

I would love to support a 3rd party, but with the monopoly the two major parties hold on the country, the chances of any getting enough votes is slim to none.


That is what I have been doing, ignoring the circus in Washington, until the coup attempt that is.

Yeah, the shit that went on in November and December--the fraud and the cover-up--was something to behold. I'm surprised there has been no significant push-back so far in January.


You have said what I've been trying to impart to people for a couple of decades now. On one side, you have Demicans who are for big government taking away all our decisions (they are increasingly supportive of big corporations, but classically, they've been for big gov).

On the other side of the same coin, are Republocrats who are for big corporations taking away all our decisions.

They work together. It is usually not right in your face obvious, but the agenda moves ever forward nonetheless.

The Internet is a giant flea circus designed to keep We the Peasants sedated. It's sole purpose (besides child trafficking on pornhub & CIA drug running) is to make us think someone will wave a magic wand and all our problems will disappear so we don't put down our phones, close our laptops and step out into the real world and talk with our neighbors like in fairy tale days gone by.

The more we get away from the Internet, the less doom & gloom and insurmountable the problems begin to seem because there are others who feel similarly you can talk with. That's part of this whole Covid bologna to turn neighbors against each other so you can't trust them.

I hate to say it, but Biden is going to be sworn in on Jan. 20th. It would be awesome if, after that, like minded individuals got OFF the internet and started making a difference in our local communities, instead of allowing the far left and far right loonies (no, I'm not saying all people on the left or right are loonies) to do it behind our backs, while we're staring at a screen, addicted to the flea circus.

Your way of telling it is far more stimulating than mine. It's more story-like with meaningful similes. I'm trying to work on that type writing...

@govols Lol, thanks, I think. πŸ˜› It does get me so riled up to talk about this stuff because so many people don't get it and are drowning in misinformation & disinformation. In this 'information age' we're more confused than ever because of all the bad actors out there purposely pulling wool over our eyes for their own petty gains.


Yes, the consumption of mass infotainment and outrage broadcasting is mind breaking and soul crushing.

@govols 'Outrage broadcasting'. That's a great phrase, to go along with identity politics.

Republicans actually feel the same way about Democrats, for the most part. Different specifications obviously. There is an ideological divide here that seems impossible to repair. Irreconcilable Differences πŸ˜’


I’ve been registered β€œUnaffiliated” for more than 30 years. More recently I’m more inclined to support Republicans in the general election but the U label gives me a choice in primary elections. Going forward, I’ve got two years to consider my support for Republicans, but it’s beginning to look shaky. Pretty sure it will be difficult for me to support D candidates beyond a few immediately local offices.

Garsco Level 7 Jan 13, 2021

That's almost exactly my circumstance. I've always been "independent," and have the either primary option.


I voted for Trump to watch the Republican Party implode. .... and it did.

Skkaarj Level 5 Jan 13, 2021

I totally understand.


I vote as I see fit and there has been few straight tickets in my life. I don't have membership in any political party in three countries that i can legally vote in. I find most political parties to be less than trust worthy. So I pick and choose. Currently working on getting back home to the US which will reduce countries I can vote in by one thank goodness. Though it will require that I get active in politics, not for want but for the sake of duty.

I tried to be active for a little while, but that was when I was a libertarian. Once I got over that immaturity it was hard to hold onto hope for improvement.

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