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Only in 2021 could an airline publicly promote their intention to put safety last, racism and sexism first without widepread criticism.

To select based on bigoted tokenism and not pure merit imo is a crime, not to mention a danger to their staff and passengers.


Haraldson 8 Apr 8
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The lowering of standards for qualification according to demographic criteria is an idea fraught with peril.
Given the chance to choose how many people seeking out a medical doctor or surgeon would opt for the "demographically disadvantaged" one. Now that would be a real test of ones commitment (virtue?) to creating a world where "true equality" exists...wouldn't it.

iThink Level 8 Apr 8, 2021

Going to use other carriers with green pilots!


Just get fat black disabled women cover all bases

Why not try to future proof the concept and aim for obese disabled black islamic trans/lesbian pilots?

@Haraldson Even better

@Haraldson Oh jeeez we are in for a ride.

@Rick-A well when you are crashing be glad they had a quota

@Poncho69 Won’t be flying on suicide missions!


Seriously United, what the fuck is wrong with you?

Seems a "woke-virus" is doing the rounds at many of these corporations.

They have liberals disease, it’s just that simple!

Message for #UnitedAirlines #GoWokeGoBroke


In their defense, it is United Airlines after all. So, seriously... what difference could it possibly make? They certainly can't get any worse.

rway Level 7 Apr 8, 2021

Yeah, because all people care about when they book a flight is the color of the pilot. -I don't care if I get there alive, as long as the pilot is a female POC....


Bush pilots should be allowed to handle domestic flights for those who want to protest CRT in the airline industry.

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