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It’s horrific, but not that complicated. But if communist socialism weren’t a confidence scam it wouldn’t ALWAYS result in a dictatorship with a few affluent comrades ruling tyrannically over all the rest in impoverishment. Surely it would’ve worked at least, or somewhat, once with all the times it has been invoked and forced on people.

Look, people aren’t clambering to get into western countries because they’re socialist with a hope for a one day utopian communal dream – are they?

After all, wouldn’t it be just a little more understandable if these socialists state the truth that their communist utopian dream is nothing other than ‘communalism’? Or is it that communists can’t stop themselves from butchering languages?

In 1875 Karl Marx coined the phrase: “From each according to their ability, to each according to their needs” to describe communist socialism. That’s in addition to the elimination of God, Family, and All Personal Property – off course. In short, the communist (communal) state is to own everything including your Life, Liberty and any hope of happiness you might have had.

Now if you can’t see the establishment of a permanent slave class in the above paragraph, well you just must not be using your faculties very well. “From each according to their ability….” has always been men – productive men. And “to each according to their needs” has always been women. And if that’s not bad enough, male and female humans are so far apart they’re just barely capable of procreating. And apparently even that procreation is beginning to falter. They’re almost different species altogether.

The communist utopian dream is nothing more that bigoted ‘communalism’ – think about it.
Any form of government that steals from its productive citizens and redistributes most of it to its non-productive citizens is a corrupt government lacking in incentive – and doomed to ultimate failure.

PS. And of course, all women are born naturally as Rational Critical Theorists – just ask Karen if you don’t believe me. Men have just got to be taught to think like socialist communal worker bees – that’s all.

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“A Biological Foundation for Socialism?”

#LETSGOBRANDON ~ A Commun-ist (whether he’s capable of realizing it or not?).
#MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) an existentialist (individualist) philosophy of life.



communalism (noun)

  1. a principle of political organization based on federated communes.
  • the principle or practice of living together and sharing possessions and responsibilities:

"suburban individualism and inner-city communalism"

  1. allegiance to one's own ethnic group rather than to the wider society:

"issues such as Punjab violence and communalism"

Data from Oxford Language

1914wizard 8 July 9
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