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Pear goes over the common toxic culture. There is no reason for women to change.

  • Average woman. No serving, taught to hate men.
  • 1/3 have an STD.
  • 1/3 had an abortion.
  • 1/25 OnlyFans
  • 20-30 partners
  • 70% fatties
  • 5% virgins, most women are whores.
  • Average wife is 30 years old.
MosheBenIssac 8 Sep 8
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very sad.....they have no self image reflection and programmed with no self guilt, if you go by what they were taught was the standard perimeter, but apparently it never existed because that would mean there were no standards and morals

Our government was never designed to govern an immoral society, and on average we have lost our moral compass. Like any communist system the government has worked to suppress any other source of higher authority because it detracts from their power. Over time society has forgotten about traditional values, and replaced them with government programs. The current government doesn’t care about outcomes as long as they get more power and control. The people and leaders have largely forgotten that there is an sovereign authority higher than the government.

@Mechanic sounds like you are describing the Tytler Cycle in action

@Weltansicht That sums it up pretty well

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