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Big Tech & Biden Administration = USA Big Brother government!

Regime Spokesperson Very Defensive About Americans Knowing the White House is Reviewing Their Social Media and Now Recommending Bans From Platforms

The Biden regime is becoming increasingly unstable as they attempt to keep control over the American people. During a terse exchange today spokesperson Jen Psaki attempts to justify the White House surveillance of American speech saying the Facebook platform users should be “more concerned” with people dying from COVID than having their community speech monitored by the federal government.

When questioned about the U.S. Federal Government now openly admitting Big Brother is watching you, the regime defender responds: “they are more concerned about that, than people dying across the country because of a pandemic where misinformation is traveling on social media platforms?” Continuing with, “that feels unlikely to me, if you have the data to back that up I’m happy to discuss it.”


w0tn0t 8 July 16
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If you put a penny in a special bank and doubled it everyday for 30 days, you would be a millionaire.

If a digital minuteman army arose against the corporate plutocracy worldwide, everyone in the world could be made aware in a minute ~ generalization speaking of course

The global interwebs is a sword of Damocles. They can not run the world without it and/or to control everyone without it. They are not the technicians, and certainly do not run their own systems.

Distraction with intimidation are the only real weapon they have.

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