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Yeah, I won’t miss Biden Press Secretary Jen Psaki, but her angry dust ups with Peter Doocy were great entertainment. The two apparently buried the hatchet before Psaki departed today, and their farewell picture went viral.

GeeMac 8 May 14
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she is very short

RobD1 Level 7 May 15, 2022

Thank you for sharing/posting. I don't keep track of the drama to much.

At least it was professional courteousness, and somewhat reminiscent of pre-Trump days, when for example Obama got voted in, there was not this mass 'he's not the president' spiel beyond the birth certificate Kenya thing.

Good for them, if they can melt some ice cubes at the end of the day and laugh at each other's escapades and unmitigated gall. Kind of like lawyers, they may hate each other in court but they are still in the same sociable politeness circles. Unlike the progenitors of 'woke' progressives who are walking dead asleep while virtue signaling their hypocrisy.


Being Biden's press secretary is a doomed job. It's like flying a bomber over a WW2 Japanese battleship. You're going to take hits. Give Psaki credit for courage, and for taking the hits gracefully. Psaki held her calm. Psaki can engage with Fox reporters in a civilized manner.

Biden can't. When Psaki is asked a hard question, she does her best to be ambassadorial, and she treats the questioner as a human being. Biden doesn't. Biden verbally attacked Peter Doocy. Biden dehumanized Doocy.

Democrats attack Trump for hot mike sins. Biden has a bigly hot mic sin.

You can't blame Psaki for what she said. Blame Biden. Now that Psaki isn't press secretary anymore, we can let go of the past and leave Psaki be.

We're not letting go of Biden. Biden is still on the hook. The next press secretary will know no peace from the Doocys.

It's easy to chisel at Psaki's faults. A wise person looks for hidden virtue. Jerks carry negative prejudice and wise people carry positive prejudice. I feel that Psaki has hidden virtue, and that we should look for it.

We can imagine a paradise where politics doesn't matter, and where we can all party together, regardless of party affiliation. At such a party, Psaki would be a celebrity guest. She's charming, and she was on the field during the game. Historians respect Psaki as an "original source".

Christianity has the fine concept of "redemption". If someone sins, give them the chance to redeem themselves, and if they do it, respect their redemption. Give them a clean slate for the future.

Biden is not welcome to a conservative party, because Biden hates conservatives. That's the difference between Psaki and Biden. Psaki still has a soul and Biden doesn't.

Biden made big promises. He promised to carry the spirit of redemption. Biden promised to unify America.

Since day 1 of Biden's presidency, Biden broke his promise and attacked conservatives. Biden is beyond redemption. Biden gained power as leader of America, and Biden used this power to betray America.

Dante's Hell has levels. Levels 1 through 9. Level 9 is for betrayers. Dante regards betrayal as the highest evil.

In the 9th plane of Hell, you find Judas, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Benedict, and Biden.

Being a Supreme Court clerk is a high honor. A jackass used this power to betray the court, by leaking the Alito document. This jackass is a betrayer, and he belongs in Hell. Democrats will induct the betrayer into Democrat heaven.

The Doocy brothers are tall, and they have good posture. Steve Doocy owns the couch with his good posture. Not easy to do. Steve has no podium and no table to brace to, and he doesn't need it. We should all practice couch poise, and we should look to Steve Doocy as master.


Dagger, dagger on her mind? 😊 Just kidding.

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