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Since I think Ramz is tired of some of the same old guest ideas figured id name a few in here who have public email addresses and just list the guest idea with the public email address. 1. Larry Elder- Kind of like a Jesse Lee peterson a Black ...
Robert100 June 5 Jun 5 11
Do you need more evidence that we're being manipulated?
CourseofEmpire June 5 Jun 5 44
Ideas for Wednesday Happy Homes with Sacha?? I thought if the show were to be more cultural and not as political, one idea that has caught on and a lot of people like is a movie or TV show review. This can relate to politics but be more a ...
Robert100 June 5 Jun 5 11
Congratulations to Robert100 for winning the $100 prize for May. We will continue the contest for June. All members of the RAMZPAUL group (excluding past winners) have a chance to win $100. No obligation! So join today!
ramzpaul June 5 Jun 5 00
Join Styx and me on Happy Homelands this Saturday. We go live at 11:00 A.M. EST.
ramzpaul June 5 Jun 5 00
Did fatal amounts of fentanyl and meth contribute to the death of the Gentle Giant? Or did the Gentle Giant die because the policeman was racist and this makes all Whites guilty?
ramzpaul June 5 Jun 5 22
The US has tried integration, and it has worked out miserably.
sqeptiq June 4 Jun 4 33
Inspiring Michelle Malkin post. Dear Law abiding Americans, You have done nothing wrong. Being white is not a crime. Being a Trump voter is not a crime. Being a police officer sworn to "protect and serve" every day is not a crime. Being...
Robert100 June 4 Jun 4 11
Is Charlie Kirk now based?
Robert100 June 3 Jun 3 22
Today (Wednesday) we discuss the SIMP culture. This includes e-thots, OnlyFans and how prostitution and pornography have gone mainstream. Join us Live at 6:00 P.M. EST
ramzpaul June 3 Jun 3 22
What plans did you have that got canceled because of Covid? When the lock down started it was supposed to be for 2 weeks. Now it's turned into 3 months. Our state is basically opened back up. You still can't go to a movie or a concert. My big ...
Sacha799 June 2 Jun 2 88
Another common Media lie they repeat over and over again as thus to make it true by repeating it. They say the United States was founded on White Supremacy nothing else. Again they say White does not exist its a social construct and yet when they ...
Robert100 June 2 Jun 2 55
The day after terrorists set hire to a historical cathedral across from the White House, Trump regains control. Trump tells governors to end the riots. Trump promises long prison sentences to the organizers of Antifa (a domestic terrorist org.) ...
ramzpaul June 2 Jun 2 00
Hi all, i thought you may be interested: i guess this vid is not new for all of you, what i have to say you to ,what on first sight looks like mindless mobrage may be new and you probably should know... In Germany we have a far...
GermanGrunt June 2 Jun 2 00
What's the best state to be in when we go full civil war? I'm currently in southern CA so anywhere is probably better, but some criteria are: 1. Lots of whites without self guilt 2. Good 2A protections 3. Relatively low population density
ZapRowsdower June 1 Jun 1 77
As the riots across the nation escalate every night, President Trump needs to invoke the Insurrection Act or resign.
ramzpaul June 1 Jun 1 11
The Media lies they are against violence. They only oppose it when the politics behind it goes against their interest. With the Alt right they declared SPLC and ADL can censor because of violence. They said that about Proud Boys but when comes to ...
Robert100 May 31 May 31 33
Trump should quit trying to woo blacks, who are dead set against him, and instead take a hard line on black crime. That'll actually bring in some Asian and Hispanic support.
sqeptiq May 31 May 31 55
@Ramzpaul My Theory on Why Media and Celebrity always pushes Race and Identity Politics now. It it based on the Occupy Wall Street protests, that were against Rich class people and combined many races against these Greedy Bastards on Wall Street. ...
Robert100 May 31 May 31 22
CNN and Mainstream Media turn into the Anti White New network. I knew the media was always biased and even back in the 1990's. There was the OJ Simpson case, the Rodney King riots, Columbine. I however thought it was more covert and subtle back ...
Robert100 May 30 May 30 22
Happy Homelands will be hot this week! Join Styx and me at 11:00 A.M. EST on Saturday as we discuss the news of the week.
ramzpaul May 29 May 29 00
thinking this might make for good content for a near future episode...
xivnatkun May 29 May 29 00
I had a fantastic new idea btw how to find new recruits for our army, the Bundeswehr, cause nobody seems to want to become a soldier nowadays (and as far as i know this problem is a problem not only in Germany, but nearly whole europe). My idea:...
GermanGrunt May 29 May 29 22
"In 2020, we constantly are told about what a white woman did to Emmett Till 65 years ago, but how often are we informed of what Emmett’s war criminal father Louis Till did to three white Italian women 75 years ago: rape two and murder a third?"...
VDARE May 28 May 28 22
As the Minnesota police stand down due to the fear of being accused of ‘racism’, Minnesota burns.
ramzpaul May 28 May 28 22

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