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Today I want to discuss one of the biggest things that has led us to this and that is the Political Parties which have devolved into a two party system led by extremists. George Washington never belonged to a political party which is why he will always be one of the greatest US Presidents of all time. I am registered to vote as an Independent as I feel no one political party has an agenda that I can get behind. Our politicians care more about voting along party lines than representing the people that vote for them. Any politician who crosses party lines only does so to either suck up to their voters or are really not behind the agenda of their party (Mitt Romney immediately comes to mind). To the almighty media there are only two political parties in the US, Republicans and Democrats. When in reality there are several political parties such as Libertarians (while I like their end game of very limited government, how they want to get there would be like Biden's with drawl from Afghanistan). Also in reality both major political parties have at least two factions (of course the media covers this up for the Democrats, and try to exploit this with the Republicans). It is well known that the Republicans have two factions, the Trump faction and the RINOs (Republican in Name Only). It is less known that some Democrats are not in favor of the Marxist turn their party now embraces.

The best way forward is to research the candidates running for public office and vote for the one that would best represent your beliefs. I have said it before, the Primary Elections in 2022 are our last hope to rid ourselves of these establishment politicians, we need people to step up and run for public office that could bring sanity back to the US. In order to do that we must look in ourselves and be certain that we can be the leaders that we now need. I know that I am not such a person and even if I could run for office (my current job bars me from doing so), I know that I do not have the temperament for such a position.

zartanfir 6 Sep 3
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While it is true that our 2 party system promotes politicians with more extreme positions, this should be compared to the warm water politicians and the national outcomes of countries like Canada, the UK and Australia. Our primary system allows libertarians to forward the Rand and Ron Pauls of this country. It also allows the socialists to slip AOCs into elected positions. In contrast, I find the milquetoasts like the Bidens and Romneys to be more damaging. The snakes are more dangerous than the lions. Just this week I heard Nigel Farage bemoan the multiple party system in the UK, arguing that a 2 party system with primary would allow someone with his political flair more opportunity for higher political positions.

As an independent, you have cut yourself off from participating in half of the election process. If you participated in the primaries, you'd be able to provide your input into more candidates.

In some states such as the one I live in Independents can vote in the Primary election, they just have to chose either the Republican ballot or the Democrat ballot. However in states like PA they only allow for people registered for two parties to vote, thus sticking this country with only 2 choices and you alway have to hold your nose when you vote.

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