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In the Cretaceous age, 100 million years ago, when dinosaurs roamed, the Earth
was a tropical paradise, even in North Canada. It was more habitable than today, and the
existence of dinosaurs is proof. The Earth had more biomass than today, and this biomass cranked out oxygen. The Earth had more oxygen than today, which made possible flying dragons.

Today's CO2 = 420 ppm. Cretaceous CO2 = 1200 ppm.

Today's atmospheric oxygen content = 21%. Cretaceous oxygen = 35%.

Today's global temperature = 14 Celcius. Cretaceous = 24 Celsius.

In the Cretaceous, 75 kg dinosaurs could fly because of the increased oxygen. The Cretaceous had flying dragons. Today the largest flying bird is the the turkey at 15 kg. Turkeys should be revered as the largest flying bird. They're twice as large as an eagle.

If you were walking around during the Cretaceous you would feel great because of the increased oxygen. A marathon becomes easy. Human-powered flight is possible.

The assumption that increased CO2 is bad is false. There are instances in Earth's history where it was good.

In general, biomass is good. More tasty animals roaming around. We used to have mastodons. Biomass in the form of trees is the best way to capture carbon.

Let's bring Earth back to the Cretaceous. Drill baby drill! Any opinions from the Canadians? Hockey doesn't have to be abandoned because we evolved brains and can build indoor rinks. Yay evolution!

jaymaron 7 May 9
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And who says it is cow farts that are the cause of climate change!!!!!!!
Can you imagine????????????

Serg97 Level 8 May 9, 2021


Democrats are magnitude blind. They never calculated the magnitude of cow farts, and they never calculated the magnitude of the costs to civilization if we ban cows. It turns out that when you do the calculation you find that cow farts contribute negligibly to global warming.

Also, 95% of bovine methane emissions are from burps. Democrats are proving their ignorance by talking about farts.

Feedstock additives can suppress 90% of bovine methane emissions.

If you calculate magnitudes, almost all Democrat talking points bite the dust.

Tackling this problem requires weighing two separate factors: Cow burps vs. the importance of cows to the economy. It's a 2D problem. Democrats are incapable of holding more than 1 variable in their heads.

@jaymaron I didn't get into cow farts!!! I raised cows, milked them, and ate them!!!

You raised cows? Cool! Stories?

Pop sci article on cows. []

@jaymaron Hard work, shovel shit, wrestle with 200 to 300 pound calves!!!
Actually, miss it some times!!! Wouldn't do it again, too old!!!
I was young and a logger back then!!!!


Burt Rutan tried to build a life size, flying model of pterosaur for the Smithsonian back in the seventies. Couldn't do it. He finally said it needed twice the air pressure to be aerodynamically possible.


Flight gets easier if you increase the atmospheric oxygen density, or increase the overall air density, or decrease gravity, or decrease the aircraft mass.

In the dinosaur age, oxygen was greater and air density was greater.

Oxygen today = 21%. Dinosaur oxygen = 35%.

Density of dinosaur air / Density of air today = 5

Define flight prowess as:

Q = Oxygencontent Airdensity^{1/2} Gravity^{-3/2} * Mass^{-1/3}

The larger Q is, the more flyable you are.

The minimum power/mass required to fly scales as 1/Q.

"Mass" is the mass of the flying object. The lighter you are, the easier it is to fly. Increasing oxygen content and air density enables heavy organisms to fly.

Aeronautics: []

@jaymaron density of air is what determines the flight ceiling of Helicopters as the air thins at higher altitudes the rotor produces less lift. this is why helicopters can fly at higher altitudes than they can hover, because they need forward momentum to maintain lift. water vapor that is left out of most studies climate will also increase the density of the air as well as effect the temperature.


this bring up the fact that we are at a extreme low point in the production of CO2, if it falls any farther we will see plant die off at higher elevations. This is the reason we have a timber line on mountains because above that point there is to little CO2 to support larger plant life, just like the oxygen at higher elevations.


I doubt a brontosaurus who was in the process of getting eaten by a stegosaurus would describe it as a “tropical paradise”.

Seems it applies only for apex predators.

The Cretaceous was a great time to be a predator. Lots of prey.


Now we’re in the cretinous age.

Lots of cretins

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