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LINK Portland police union rails against 'defund police' commissioner after riot squad resignations | Fox News

This is the what’s ruling Portland.
I’d rather live in An African shithole than Oregon. It’s now the most barbaric place in the entire USA and ordinary citizens haven’t the courage of a mouse to stand up and take the place back!

This demonstrates the cultural divide that separates a country that is now being Africanized!
It’s about the cultural divide and anybody who hasn’t the courage to understand this is hallucinating.
Individually all people are great but when culturally united in a group the game is on.
I like all people but when they group they default to their cultural base lines snd become tribal and racist.
Darwin 101.

Rick-A 8 June 20
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his/her boss's office , put their gun and badge on the boss's desk,
and tell him/her that we'll be back in two weeks, on the same day!!!!!!!!!!
Maybe we could call it LEO summer vacation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Do you think SOMEONE might figure it out?????????????
I would not bet on all of them the figuring it out!!!!
Serg97 Level 8 June 20, 2021

WTF is that - it us ugly - both physically & mentally

w0tn0t Level 7 June 20, 2021

Care to share a picture of your face?


If there are “hundreds of thousands” in Portland who want a clean, orderly and safe city, they could start by voting out the current mayor and council. May take awhile with the police Union but you gotta start somewhere.

Garsco Level 8 June 20, 2021

Knowing unions, the only reason they care is that they are upset that they are getting significantly less money in union dues if that many people walk away. Those parasites do not care about the cops or citizens just their stream of money.

Unions care only about power and money. In the 1960s the Hollywood film studio unions staged a strike to shut down film production. Their goal was money and power, and their tactics were evil. They made it impossible for people who wanted to work to work. At the time, Reagan was president of SAG and fought the strike. That's when Reagan learned that communists are actually like Spanish Conquistadors. They only care about increasing their power. Communists wanted to rule the film industry. The episode strengthened Reagan's resolve to fight communism.

Later on, the aircraft controllers union staged a strike, thinking that the fact that aircraft control is vital to national security would give them negotiating power. They were wrong. Public employees should never be allowed to strike, especially those involved in national security. Reagan fired them all.

Government workers tend to vote Democrat because Democrats like big government. That's what it's all about. Wisconsin Governor drained the Wisconsin swamp and fired a large amount of government workers. The workers protested and held a recall election, and Walker won. The government workers stayed fired.

The communists in Hollywood have been trying to cancel Republican actors since WW1. Reagan was the anchor of the hit show "General Electric theatre", bringing it bigly ratings, like Trump brought bigly ratings to Apprentice. Ted Kennedy pressured General Electric to fire Reagan. Kennedy canceled Reagan. Ted Kennedy is a jerk.

Later on, Reagan went on to become president and kick Ted's ass.

Democrats tried to cancel Trump and he then became president. Hahahaha!

You can't cancel Reagan. You can't cancel Trump.

@jaymaron To a certain extent I agree, but without adequate representation the cops are getting a bad rap. I’m in favour of unions with limited powers and responsibility.
What we are talking about here is “representation”.
Look no future than government in general. Abusive, dictatorial and money grabbing.
Air traffic controllers were stupid and greedy, they overstepped their utility! It’s different with the cops, look no further than Portland to see the end result - chaos!


Yes, the air controllers were greedy. Reagan granted their demand and they agreed on a deal, and it was a greedy demand. Then the air controllers got even greedier and increased their demand, and it was a massive increase. Reagan then rejected them.

Many consider this Reagan's most important foreign policy decision. It signaled to the Soviets that Reagan was a boss.


Small wonder there's an ammo shortage!

sqeptiq Level 9 June 20, 2021

I seriously can’t figure out what the silent majority are doing? Are you going to respond in kind or are they just going to allow this BS to continue?
No seriously, this is the stuff of revolutions. They started it and there is no equal and opposite reaction.
Curious to say the least. I think a fuse will blow and all the lights will go out.


When "the shot heard round the world" in 1775 happened, Americans had good hearing and swiftly mobilized to fight. Plus they were egged on by Thomas Paine.

Today, Americans have poor hearing. Many events that qualify as a "shot heard around the world" have already happened, and there is feeble response.

CRT may be the galvanizing issue. Parents are a sleeping bear that has been awakened, and now they're stoked to kick ass at school board meetings.

@jaymaron I hope so, because the rest of the western world depends on the citizen of the US to hold their flag high, its shadow falls on us!


The Continentals had guns stashed at Lexington, and England sent troops to take them. The Continentals said "You shall not pass", and the English fired on them.

The government came to the McCloskey house to take their guns. This was the modern shot heard around the world. Republicans should have had a local militia in place to defend the guns.

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